Problem description: I have a lot of plaques on my face, and I have to go to a medical and aesthetic institution for laser treatment. How much does the laser on the face cost?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
The spot on the face was laser once The price is about 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which is also determined according to the condition of the plaque. Laser freckle removal is to reach the dermis layer of the skin through the principle of laser spot moles. It can be used to decompose the melanin in the dermis, so that the melanin tissue can be metabolized as soon as possible to achieve a better effect of removing plaques and whitening the skin. If the area of ​​the patch is not particularly large, the charge will be around 2,000 yuan. If the area of ​​the plaque is relatively large, and the plaque in the dermis layer, the charging price will be increased, about 3,000 yuan.
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