Problem description: My sister has a few spots on her face. The wedding is going to be held next month. Is there any way to quickly remove the spots?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
I want to remove the face quickly and effectively Laser freckle removal can be selected for the upper plaques, the effect is obvious, and the recovery is faster. Laser freckle removal is a relatively common method of freckle removal. After treatment, some patients will have symptoms such as blisters, scabs, and temporary pigment changes, which are normal phenomena. After receiving laser freckle treatment, avoid using irritating skin care products. You must do a good job of sun protection when you go out to prevent the skin from turning dark. The affected area should be applied with erythromycin ointment every day to promote recovery. Pay attention to light diet and avoid eating spicy and irritating foods. Laser freckle removal must choose a regular hospital institution to ensure safety. Always pay attention to avoid staying up late to ensure adequate sleep. Pay attention to strengthen skin care and strengthen sun protection.
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