Problem description: These days, I found that there is serious lip hair growth on my lips. I will use a razor to shave off the local lip hair. I am worried that it will increase. Girls will shave their lip hairs. Do you shave more?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 32 Gender: Female
It is possible for girls to shave their lip hair There will be more and more situations. The hair follicles will be stimulated during the filming process, which will cause repeated growth. Avoid choosing this method. If there are more lip hairs, it can be treated by freezing point hair removal. The photothermal effect can destroy the local hair follicle tissue, which is conducive to the gradual shedding of lip hairs. It can also minimize skin irritation and group trauma. Multiple laser treatments Conducive to achieving permanent hair removal effect. During the recovery period of laser hair removal, there may be adverse reactions such as burning and tingling in the skin area. Before recovery, avoid eating too hot and irritating food, which will easily affect the skin repair.
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