Problem description: Yesterday, when I took a shower and looked in the mirror, I found a lot of melanin on my face, which was a bit ugly. How to remove melanin on girls’ faces?
Date of question:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 21 Gender: Female
Melanin removal from girls’ faces Most of the methods need to go to the hospital to take laser, or liquid nitrogen freezing can be performed. There are a lot of melanin on girls’ faces that may be related to genetic factors, and it is not ruled out that they often do not pay attention to sun protection in their daily life. The local melanin can be gradually diluted by laser or liquid nitrogen freezing, and it can also be Stimulates collagen production. If it is not too serious, you can apply a decolorant or spot remover under the guidance of a doctor. When removing plaques, do not eat photosensitive foods, and do not go outdoors to be exposed to the sun. You can choose more fruits rich in vitamin C.
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