Question description: I feel that I am too fat, so I have been losing weight in the past two days but I don’t want to make the breasts smaller, so I want to ask, can girls lose their breasts if they lose weight?
Date of problem:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 21 Gender: Female
Women who lose weight will cause breast changes Small, it can also cause menstrual disorders, resulting in decreased menstrual flow and menopause. Weight loss for girls will cause the breasts to become smaller, because in addition to being supported by the breasts, a large part of the breasts are supported by fat. If the weight is less than 10% or more than 20% of the standard body weight, the breasts will become smaller. Excessive weight loss will not only cause breast reduction, but also cause menstrual disorders in women, resulting in decreased menstrual flow and menopause. Exercise to lose weight, diet to lose weight, and medication to lose weight will cause the breasts of female patients to shrink. When you lose weight, you must improve your exercise style, improve your diet, ensure adequate sleep every day, and ensure that the body’s daily intake of protein and carbohydrates are within the normal range.
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