Problem description: I have always been a slightly fat girl, but my breasts are not too small. I want to lose weight. I don’t know if girls lose weight, their breasts will become smaller?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 32 Gender: Female
Girls do It is normal to cause the chest to become smaller. The breast is mainly composed of fatty mammary glands and mammary ducts. If you lose weight, you will burn body fat. Not only will the body fat be reduced, but the breast fat will also be relatively reduced. In this case, you will find that the breasts shrink and droop after losing weight. Circumstances, this is normal. If the chest becomes smaller, you can do some chest exercises in your daily life, such as push-ups and dumbbells, which can increase the chest muscles and promote the chest to become more compact and straight, which will also improve the external appearance. In addition, patients can also eat more foods rich in protein and collagen in their daily lives, which can promote the redevelopment of the breast. Secondly, you can also massage the breasts more appropriately. Long-term persistence can also promote breast growth again.
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