Problem description: It has been half a month since I had double eyelid surgery. Recently, I have no appetite. I want to eat some peppers. How long can I eat peppers when I cut my double eyelids?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 29 Gender: Female
Full cut double eyelids may require two You can eat some peppers for about a month or so. After a complete operation, you should eat mild and soft foods. Do not eat some irritating foods, which may cause infections in the wound. After a complete resection, the eyes may be swollen or painful. This is usually a normal manifestation and does not require special treatment. If necessary, oral anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs can be used for treatment to avoid infection at the wound site. During double eyelid surgery, not only can you use total resection, but you can also use thread-embedding or nano-markless surgery to improve. The effect is relatively good. After the complete recovery, you can have a pair of beautiful double eyelid eyes. Particularly energetic. After the operation, you have to go to the hospital for review regularly and eat some foods such as seafood, which may cause allergies in the wound area.
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