Problem description: Yesterday I went to the hospital for a full-cut double eyelid treatment. I am now in the recovery period. If I want to eat peppers properly, how long can I eat peppers for full-cut double eyelids?
Question date: 2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 25 Gender: Female
Full cut double eyelids generally require one You can eat hot peppers from one month to two months, and the specific time needs to be determined according to the individual’s recovery status. For people with better physique and faster metabolism, they will generally return to normal in about a month. You can eat peppers appropriately. If people are weaker, the recovery time may be longer. A full cut double eyelid is mainly to make a small incision on the upper eyelid, remove part of the fat and tissue, and then suture the local area. The maintenance time is generally permanent, and the double eyelid can also be operated by embedding the double eyelid. After double eyelid surgery, keep the eye area clean and hygienic. Avoid massaging with your hands, which may cause conjunctival infection and affect local recovery.
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