Problem description: I just had a full double eyelid surgery some time ago, but recently I want to have eyebrow tattoo surgery, so how long can I get a eyebrow tattoo after a full double eyelid surgery?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
To do a complete double eyelid cut about three Months later, eyebrow tattoo surgery can be performed. A full cut double eyelid is to make an incision on the patient’s eyelid to remove excess fat inside, so as to achieve the purpose of forming a double eyelid. However, it is not possible to get eyebrow tattoos after a complete double eyelid is cut. You need to wait until the body is fully recovered before going for eyebrow tattoos. If you go for eyebrow tattoos too early, it may affect the effect of double eyelids, or even the effect of eyebrow tattoos. After the above-mentioned surgery, the patient also needs to pay attention to the care of the wound, avoid touching the wound with water, and keep it clean and dry.
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