Problem description: I have found that my pores are particularly enlarged during the recent period. I heard from a colleague that it can be treated with acid treatment. Can I apply acid treatment for large pores?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 29 Gender: Female
Large pores can be acidic, through After the acid treatment, the pores can be reduced and the skin can become smoother. Brush acid is also known as fruit acid, skin rejuvenation. It is mainly a kind of fruit acid extracted from fruit or yogurt. It is applied on the skin surface to promote the shedding of the aging stratum corneum, and it can also make the epidermal cells renew quickly. It can stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers under the skin, which can improve the phenomenon of enlarged pores. Do a good job of facial care in your daily life, avoid eating too greasy or high-calorie foods for a long time, and eat more foods rich in vitamin C in your diet.
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