Problem description: When I was looking in the mirror, I found that the pores on my face were particularly large. Think about how to improve it by brushing acid. Can large pores be treated with acid?
Date of the question:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
Large pores can generally be acidic Yes, it can improve the condition of enlarged pores. Large pores may be caused by staying up late for a long time or improper skin care. It can be improved by brushing acid. Brushing acid can remove excess dead skin cells, promote the normal metabolism of skin cells, and unblock the pores. It can make the pores smaller, and can also improve the fine wrinkles on the face. But when doing acid scrubbing, you must choose a regular hospital. Develop good habits in daily life, don’t stay up late, and ensure enough sleep.
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