Problem description: When looking in the mirror, I found that my pores are enlarged and blackheads are formed. I want to treat them. How to repair the enlarged pores and blackheads?
Date of the problem:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
Big pores and blackhead repair in general The pores need to be cleaned, which can be adjusted by photorejuvenation. The high-energy heat generated by photorejuvenation has a certain cleansing effect on the pores, can reduce the oily secretions in the pores, and can clean the necrotic stratum corneum in the pores, so as to achieve the effect of removing blackheads and tightening the pores. Using some blackhead stickers or exfoliating in a slight state can also have a certain conditioning effect. During the photorejuvenation period, you should cooperate with doctors who donated more abundantly, and you need to avoid burns on your own skin, otherwise it may cause the formation of scars.
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