Problem description: The body hair on my legs is very long. After a laser operation, the hair does not grow. Do I still need laser when the hair does not grow?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 33 Gender: Female
If the hair is not growing, it is generally needed Laser, if the laser is discontinuous, it will cause the hair to grow again, so continuous laser is required. Hair has a certain growth cycle. If you use laser hair removal again, the hair will not grow. If you do not perform the laser for the second time, it will cause the hair to grow again after a while, so you must regularly perform laser hair removal. Only when you go to the hospital to remove hair can you achieve the purpose of completely removing hair. The safety of laser is very high, and the side effects are very small, and generally it will not harm healthy skin tissue. After laser surgery, you must pay attention to the affected area and wear a sun hat when you go out to avoid exposure to sunlight.
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