Problem description: From the time I remembered, there were some stains and sunburns of different sizes on my face. How can I remove stains and sunburns on my face?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
His face is covered with spots and sunburn Most of the removal methods need to go to the hospital for liquid nitrogen freezing, and laser removal can also be used. Lasers can be used for severe stains and sunburns on the face. The laser has strong penetrating ability and can crush the pigment particles gathered in the deep tissues. As time goes by, the stains on the face will gradually Get faded. It’s not too serious, and sticking to applying blemish gel or vitamin E cream is also effective. Pay attention to sun protection in your life, avoid strong ultraviolet rays, and do not eat some photosensitive foods, which may affect the effect of freckle removal.
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