Problem description: I am young, but there are a lot of stains and sunburns on my face. How can I remove stains and sunburns on my face?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 20 Gender: Female
Spotted and sunburned face , Generally can only be removed by medical aesthetics, such as laser freckle removal. Laser freckle removal is currently a commonly used method of freckle removal. It mainly uses the unique wavelength of laser to act on the surface of the pigment particles of the skin, which can crush the pigment particles and then metabolize them by the body to achieve the effect of freckle removal. In addition, laser freckle removal will only damage the spots, and will not cause damage to the surrounding skin. It also has the effect of tenderizing the skin. If there is chloasma on the face, in addition to laser freckle removal, it is generally necessary to cooperate with drug treatment and life conditioning to achieve high freckle removal.
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