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Please check the September 11th Venture Capital Daily. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~

Financing News Report

Use the data model to prepare goods, “Easy to buy work” completed $10 million in Series A financing

Financial data and technology service providers “Baiguan Technology” received millions of dollars in strategic financing, Global Leadership

Early Project Report

Starting with the graph data platform, “Ferma Technology” will develop a distributed database in the future



Shen Wen data CEO Sang Wenfeng: From the single product to the matrix, God’s “data convenience store” opened

Pro·WISE Salon

Building a Smart Store: Re-recognizing your customers

Previous project mention

Project Name: Youtan Technology

Introduction: Pulse Neural Network Technology Developer

“Yotan Technology” received the investment of millions of angels provided by Qifu Capital on August 28 this year.

It is said that based on the research of pulse neural network and multi-layer training algorithm, the company established a general model for artificial intelligence to make decisions under imperfect information conditions. At present, the first application of this technology is the landlord robot. After learning the rules and rules, the robot can master the game ability like ordinary people. Landlord robotIn the case of fewer users, like “people” to play against real players.

In addition to the game field, the company is also working with autonomous driving solutions developers. The Yutan technology team has 20 people, most of which are from Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Technology.

(Author: LEE YU Qing)

Project Name: Weiyuan Gene

In one sentence: Infected precision medical service providers

It is reported that “Weiyuan Gene” announced the completion of the A-round financing of 100 million yuan jointly invested by Volcanic Stone Capital and Guokejiahe Fund.

The micro-far gene is cut into the precise medical track for the diagnosis of pathogens. Based on high-throughput sequencing of pathogen metagenomics and CRISPR-based rapid diagnosis and other new technologies, the detection of clinical pathogens has been effectively improved. The micro-far gene has two major core technology products: the pathogen metagenomics platform IDseqTM and the pathogen CRISPR rapid diagnostic platform ID-CRISPRTM. Among them, IDseqTM has achieved 24-hour extreme delivery of DNA/RNA dual-flow in the micro-farm medical laboratory, and nearly 2000 clinical samples are tested every month.

In addition, the 3,000-square-meter medical laboratory has been completed and put into production for the production of micro-far-in vitro diagnostic instruments and kits, with an annual output of 1.5 million.

(Author: LEE YU Qing)

Project Name: Fushimi Taoshan (Yujing Tea)

In one sentence: Fashion tea chain brand

It is reported that the fashion tea chain brand “Fujian Taoshan” (formerly known as “Yujing Tea”) was pre-A round of financing, the capital is Hangzhou Fast Wind Investment Co., Ltd., the current valuation is 200 million yuan.

This tea brand features a light Japanese style. Whether it is from logo, product design, soft drink packaging or store style, it is all about the style of “Hua Yue Shi Chau Tea”. It uses imported raw materials and equipment, mainly Japanese style, hand-made tea in the store. At the beginning of its establishment, the Jingjing tea smashed out the form of fruit + tea, milk + tea that was common on the market at that time. Instead, it was positioned in a composite business model combining tea and wine, tea and cakes, and tea and meals to provide users with oolong. Grandfather, peach glutinous rice, pineapple grass yellow, salted egg rum ice cream, dirty bags and other beverages and food.
In April 2019, due to the smashing of counterfeit shops and the difficulty of defending rights, and wanting to be separated from the Shanzhai store, Yujing Tea House was officially renamed “Fujian Taoshan”.

At present, the renamed “Fujian Taoshan” has 68 stores, mainly located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

(Author: CHUYI)

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