Why do more and more people feel that the sideline has become just needed?

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A recent word has been hot search, called “the sideline just needed.” It’s not long before, another word followed by a hot search:

“I am too difficult to work as a sideline.”

Do not go to work + enter the month and talk about a few new careers

I have seen a data that 29% of young people in the country have part-time jobs.

Not everyone is not doing business. I have talked in the article before, no matter what career you do, you should have your own “Plan B”.

  • You don’t know when the industry is falling and the company is losing ground;
  • You don’t know how the wage bottleneck can break through;
  • You don’t know how long the rice bowl can be in your hand.

Since a single job and a single salary, it is very unfavorable for both career development and wealth accumulation.

A reader asked me last week: “I am also a product manager. My salary has not risen in 2 years. I feel that it is difficult to find a part-time job. Is there any way?”

In fact, we don’t have to clearly separate our position/part-time job, but to establish the concept of “career”.

There may not only be a mutual conversion, but in the future, the concept of “multi-professionals” may become more and more popular.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs and other officials jointly released 13 new occupations this year, they have an average annual salary of 250,000, and there is a market gap of more than 1 million. A while ago, the well-known recruitment website also jointly released a new professional crowd report, showing that a quarter of new professional practitioners earned more than 10,000.

They mean more choices for office workers or freelancers, and more generous Plan B.

And switching to a new runway may not be as far away as you might think.


The wedding host I invited when I got married is very interesting.

He is an airport dispatcher and has hosted a party at the university and in the unit. For the sake of interest and more income considerations, he first participated in the wedding host course of a training institution. After the successful completion of the business, he signed the contract to become the host of the company.

The cost of a single host is more than 2,000 yuan (there are many senior hosts in his team, the single cost is 3000-5000 yuan, or even more), and the festivals that have been married and married on May 1st and National Day are even more.

It is said that his schedule for the Spring Festival next year has already been set. Business is so good that people are drooling…

By the way, his girlfriend often accompanied him to the wedding host. After a long time, he joined their company to become a part-time wedding ceremony, mainly responsible for mobilizing the atmosphere, assisting new people, and letting the wedding process go smoothly.

Two people are happy to make money while they are happy with dog food.

Marriage is not really a new industry, But with the breakdown of posts, almost every link can be pulled out alone, or polished into a new career that is more in line with the needs of the current public.

For example, give me a wedding photo studio.

The two founders were originally independent photographers. They set up a team a few years ago. Their business includes makeup, travel photography, pregnant women photo, parent-child photo, etc. Recently, they have expanded their business:

Chinese clothing style + photo shoot.

Even if it is a personal business, it is easy to find an entry point in the wedding industry.

The photo studio where I took the photo was a husband and wife shop. They not only took photos of various types of documents, but also provided services such as weddings, weddings, and weddings.

I talked with my boss, and she said that the income is not bad, that is, I can’t rest for a few days a year, it’s too busy.

The income data for the wedding industry is also confirmed in a report:

Do not go to work + enter the month and talk about a few new careers

A good wedding service practitioner is almost no source of customers.

After all, no matter how big the environment is, there will be a lot of new people getting married every day. As long as the services you provide meet people’s requirements, naturally someone is willing to pay.


There is a good job, a sideline business, and there are more opportunities in the new profession.

They have several characteristics in common.

1, focusing on the field of life services

You find that there is no occupation of service types, and these years have increased.

My colleague part-time Lactation Instructor. She said that the lunar calendar with professional breastfeeding guidance ability is very popular, with a monthly salary of 20,000+, and an appointment is required, which is in short supply.

The other sister paper I know is the window display artist.

Many people have the impression that this job is a stocking and hanging clothes. In fact? Regular VP model matching and styling are the most basic requirements, but also know how to organize and analyze data, use data to guide display, and drive sales.

There are also popular storage organizers.

Last week I saw a documentary about the Japanese wife, Ikeda, who lived in Shanghai. Her daily work is to help people plan furniture storage and professional storage classes for teaching staff.

Looking at her home, I feel that I am completely a rough Chinese paper.

Do not go to work + enter the month and talk about a few new careers

Storager Ikeda’s home

Do not go to work + enter the month and talk about a few new careers

I don’t see that she has two dogs

This profession is very popular in first-tier cities.

Many customers need to solve problems due to conflicts in the space, objects, and people in the home, or too many family members, moving, and the company’s warehousing is overwhelmed.

In 2018, the total consumption of Chinese residents accounted for 49.5% of service consumption. Therefore, there are naturally emerging consumption points and employment opportunities.

2, expandability

The wedding industry just mentioned is a typical example.

For example, if you take a photo, you can expand your business, including wedding photos, weddings, auctions, passport photos, and other types of business.

It’s also easy to work with other teams to form a small team of 3-5 people.

One of my fellow friends, Luo Luo, likes yoga and took yoga.After the certification, she took a part-time job in an institution. Because she loved the job very much, she resigned and opened her own studio.

After looking for a few fitness teachers, the studio was upgraded to a private 1VS1 gym.

In other words, these emerging professions, when you step on a red dot, it is easy to diverge more new lines of business, allowing you to gradually implement a professional multi-dimensional business model.

This is also one of the important reasons why 1/4 of new professional practitioners earn more than 10,000.

3, free time, flexible work

Many new jobs don’t need to be on the job, and cooperation can also be done through mobile office. Some teams have never even seen each other. (I used a part-time development project like this, and the members are all in the north, relying on the network.)

Of course, freedom is just “look” and actually requires a lot of time management for practitioners.

In addition to work, you have to consider your own operating income and expenditure, how to maintain your source of customers, how to get a reasonable customer, how to study professionally on a regular basis, whether you want to expand your business, or whether you want to cooperate with others…

Especially, each item can throw a lot of energy.

A person often has to work in multiple roles and become a team.


A few days ago, a co-worker of my development took a part-time job and was full of bitterness.

“It’s so tired,” he sighed. “I recently went home after work every night until 2 or 3 in the morning, and it was a few thousand dollars. It’s not worth it.”

I fully understand him.

After a certain degree of wages slowed down, and realized that they could not rely on wages, they chose their own employers to take part-time jobs and earn more money.

But, we have another option:

Develop your career with a “new career” perspective.

Take the analogy of the programmer. The 13 new occupations released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security include digital managers, artificial intelligence engineering technicians, big data engineering technicians, cloud computing engineers and technicians, etc. The position of development ability “bottoming”.

They may be new aspects of your development.

It’s not a complicated and cool operation to fall into actual behavior. Just like this programmer who is doing the underlying development:

  • Can you learn more about other more commonly used programming languages?
  • Do you have to go to the other team to learn more?Job work?
  • Are you not limited to the “programmer” status, considering training, sales and other new tracks?
      (Some of my colleagues are currently teaching part-time children’s programming classes).

In short, don’t be too limited in the immediate environment.

Zhou Yahui, chairman of Kunlun Wanwei, said: “There will be many opportunities in people’s life. I believe that opportunities are always equal. Unequal is the ability to learn. This is to accumulate in time.”

Let’s see what others need, what they are using, and whether they have the means to provide the corresponding services. Want to break the game, only jump out of the circle.

So, don’t stop learning, the more you see, the more choices you have.

For our generation, change is the norm, and the probability of “a trick to eat all over the sky” will continue to decrease. Proactively keep up with the trend of the times, and polish the tools in your hands into a new form, in order to withstand the wind and waves.