Why do the first-line social animals in the city love watching the video?

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A while ago, I saw an article saying that the “first-line social animals” in the city are now watching the video of the sea. As a person who has lived in the interior since childhood, the word “catch the sea” has made me confused.

“What is driving the sea? Is it catching up with the sea?”

In the drive of curiosity, I searched the Internet for a few videos of the sea. I realized that the so-called catching the sea was originally an entertainment activity called “calling seafood” by the sea.

The explanation for the term “catch the sea” on Baidu Encyclopedia is:

People living on the beach, according to the law of tides and tides, rush to the time of the tide, the process of salvaging or collecting seafood on the beaches and rocks on the coast.

In the online video of the sea, most people who like to catch the sea lived by the sea from a young age, not the children of fishermen who were born as fishermen.

In the video, they can always find hidden “sea creatures” under some seemingly puddles and sandbags.

Pour vinegar to make the octopus grow on the ground, and smear the salt and lie to the scorpion buried deep in the sand…

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The seafarers seem to There is some kind of magic that not only allows the sea creatures to show up, but also allows the people behind the screen to keep their eyes open.

Why is there such a magic in catching the sea? What is the daily life of the seafarers? Last week, I interviewed a Haidada who had won more than 2 million fans on the vibrato by sending out the sea video – “Fishing Village Pony”.

Through the 2 million netizens

by chatting with him I found that catching the sea can not only be a hobby, but also a short video to turn it into a career.

From the wage earners who work in state-owned enterprises to the aspiring young people who started their business in the countryside, the fishing village pony started the second life of “not taking the usual path” by taking pictures of the sea.

Go, take you to the sea tonight

Rushan Yintan in Shandong Weihai is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot. The windy weather in the year is 103.6 days, 60% northerly wind, 40% southeast wind, intertidal zone with an average width of 300 meters, and two tides per day. Providing unique natural conditions for the sea.

The pony grew up here, and his father was a fisherman. The sea has raised the ancestors who lived by the sea. He has been grateful to the sea since he was a child.

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Pony first When I was in the sea, I was only 7 years old. My family took him to the beach to dig.

He still remembers that he was holding a small donkey at the time, squatting on the beach, and he was very happy at the moment he climbed to the hustle and bustle, just like what a great baby was on the beach.

“Catch the sea is my hobby from small to big. I fell in love with my first contact. I have been insisting for many years and have become a part of life.”

Pony said that he was particularly uncomfortable if he could not catch the sea in the face of special weather.

People who live by the sea are happy to catch the sea. At night when the tide recedes, the family with tools such as shovel, clips, flashlights, etc., squatting at the beach to catch seafood, has become a common entertainment.

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But the experience of catching the sea Not everyone can get started. Every time before going to the beach, the pony must look ahead to the trend table. There are many things that can be smashed during the tide. In those 10 days, the pony will go to the beach every night, every time from 8:00 pm to 12:00 in the night.

“Hello everyone, I am a pony. Today the tide is relatively small, let’s go to the beach and grab some pimp shrimp.”

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in different videos At the beginning, the pony will decide what to grab tonight, where to grab, and what tools to take based on the tides of the day.

Pony said that catching the sea is not to go to the beach to try your luck, but to judge what is suitable for what to look for according to the wind direction, tides and water level of the day.

Only experienced seafarers know which area has more sea creatures, and different weather is suitable for what to catch.

“Digging to the beach, catching crabs to the reef area, more sea snails in April-May, the northerly winds are big, and you can lick a lot of things…” These are the experiences that Pony has summed up over the years.

“I am now a veteran of the sea, and the equipment is very well matched. The tools for catching different seafood are different, such as catching crabs with clips, digging with shovel…”

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Talking about the sea, Pony always has a lot to share. In his vibrato video, you can see that he always finds a variety of sea creatures on the beach like a treasure.

Crabs, crickets, and conch are common in his videos, occasionally seeing some rare sea creatures, and the pony’s excitement can always be passed to the people behind the screen across the screen.

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For example, caught anemones, swimming crabs, eight melons, sea otters, etc.

Many people who like to watch the pony catching the sea video live in the inland areas. The video of the pony not only allows them to see a lot of sea creatures that they have never heard of, but also help them find I went back to the “treasure hunt” that I had never experienced before.

With 2 million netizens

For those “social animals” who have been working in the company for a day, the video of the sea rushing home to brush the pony is a healing heart.

Working in a job is worse than going home to start a business

Before returning home to catch the sea video, the pony is a well-regulated office worker.

His life trajectory is the same as most rural children who are eager to learn to change their destiny: study hard, study a good university, enter a state-owned enterprise, get a stable salary, and then… day after day In the repetition, I lived a life that looked at me.

In the first year of graduation, Pony manages the workshop in a state-owned enterprise. Every day, eight to five, the work content is single and repeated, with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan.

He grew up on the beach and he didn’t like to work nine to five. He wanted to be as free as the sea. At that time, he always thought: Earn so little, it is better to return home to start a business.

After a few months of entanglement, the oysters of the hometown Rushan suddenly exploded in the country. “The oyster e-commerce may be a market,” Pony thought in his heart.

He resigned from the work of state-owned enterprises, but did not immediately return to his hometown to start a business, but joined a home appliance company to learn e-commerce operations knowledge, until half a year later, he decided to return to his hometown to do business.

Maybe it’s a good time and a good time. When the pony returned home, not only was the oysters in his hometown famous in the country, but the short video also caught fire in that time.

In 2017, the pony catching up with the short video outlet decided to use the short video to promote and pull the guest list for their own business.

Catch the sea is a good video content. On the one hand, he likes to catch the sea. On the other hand, he can also let everyone know what he is doing by catching the sea.

Through the 2 million netizens

after returning home In the first three months, he spent the day at the beach and lived with the fishermen.

“I don’t know about oysters. There are so many things in it. I have to know more about it. The fishermen are breeding oysters on the beach. I will follow them to learn how to judge the quality and fatness of oysters, what temperature to store, and e-commerce. How to pack, keep warm and so on.”

With 2 million netizens

“My oysters The guest orders are basically from short videos. Every time I just upload them, someone asks me how to sell seafood.”

“The vibrating short video is very explosive, and the effect of the promotion exceeds my expectations. Last year’s livelihood season, there are more than 100 single small boxes in one day, and this year is expected to have a bigger breakthrough.”

In addition to online e-commerce, from the beginning of this year, some offline barbecue shops and seafood manufacturers in the field have been looking for oysters by vibrating, and his business has expanded to the offline.

With the increase in business volume, Pony has found a lot of unemployed or unemployed villagers in the local area to help him deal with sorting and oysters. From cleaning, packing to delivery, he no longer has to do it himself, but also to the villagers. Provide opportunities for re-employment.

After more than a year of returning hometown business, his oyster business in his hometown is gradually on the right track. Not only did the income have been dozens of times more than when the state-owned enterprises went to work, but they achieved a monthly income of 200,000. Those who did not understand him in the past also gradually gave him a thumbs up.

Catch the sea+short video=new lifestyle

At the beginning of 2018, Pony began to shoot short videos of the sea. After the vibrato rose more than 100,000 fans, he encountered a bottleneck.

In that period of time, the online video of the sea has been homogenized seriously, and the pony is in the initial stage of the nascent business. There is no extra energy to think about how the short video should be innovated.

Until the end of last year, his oysters business was on the right track, and he began to think about how to convert video style.

The opportunity comes from vibrato to open up 8 minutes of video rights, and the expansion of video duration allows the pony to add richer elements to the video.

For a while, he was researching videos of video bloggers in other fields every day, from beauty, cute pets to out-of-box videos.

After the year, he decided to add some life clips to his short video after the end of the sea, such as the process of cooking seafood at home, and then feeding the camera to the kittens and puppies.

Through the 2 million netizens

In some videos, you will see the pony “simple and rude” seafood cooking process, as well as the picture of two cats at home rushing for seafood.

“It’s a dark dish.”

“Cats eat better than me.”

In the comment area, more and more netizens began to focus on the life segments after the end of the sea.

The long video of more than 5 minutes is on the appetite of netizens. After April of this year, the pony account of Pony began to resume powdering, and has now risen to more than 2 million.

Summer is the off-season of the oyster business. During this time, the life of the pony is composed of catching the sea and taking video.

It takes 6-7 hours for each of his video clips to upload. Although it takes a lot of effort, he feels full of this love.

After making a vibrato, I became a friend with more people. I didn’t know anyone when I went to catch the sea. Now I often go to the sea to meet the fans, chat with them at the beach, and catch up with the sea. Happy.”

If he can, he wants to make a lifelong career in the sea and oysters. “The things I do now are all of my interest. I especially want to do it well.”

Since the start of the business, all developments have been expected by Pony. The outbreak of short video has brought business opportunities to the e-commerce business, even exceeding his initial expectations.

“I feel that I can make this business even better in 2-3 years. At that time, I also want to use short video to do the hometown tour.”

Through the 2 million netizens

The last chat, Pony said that he probably couldn’t live without the sea in his life.

Inheriting the tradition of the ancestors “to eat the sea by the sea” and the gratitude of the sea for generations, every generation who grew up on the beach, combined with different times and environments, found a way to live on the sea.

And the sea of ​​fairy-tale entertainment activities, through this group of people’s heritage, continue to live in the inland areas of us, a blue dream.

-Text/Composition: Lin An-

–Image from: Fishing Village Pony