Problem description: I feel that the menstruation is very inconvenient, sometimes the pubic hair will be stained with blood, which is very uncomfortable. Can girls shave their pubic hair?
Question date: 2021-06-13
Patient information: Age: 20 Gender: Female
Girls’ pubic hair can be shaved off. But be careful not to hurt your skin during the scraping process. Pubic hair can be shaved, but pubic hair will grow after shaving. Pubic hair cannot be shaved frequently, which will result in thicker and longer pubic hair. Pubic hair is not useless, but it grows to protect our body. Pubic hair can absorb sweat and mucus secreted from these parts and radiate to the surroundings, which is beneficial to health. During sex, it can also increase the pleasure caused by friction at the external genitalia. In addition, pubic hair also has the function of keeping warm, protecting the normal survival temperature of sperm and eggs! It is recommended not to shave. The pubic sweat ducts of the human body are relatively thick and abundant, with a large amount of sweating, and the hidden parts are prone to poor ventilation. The presence of pubic hair can play a role of “ventilation”.
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