Problem description:When I was putting on makeup this morning, I suddenly found some fine lines on the corners of my eyes. I want to remove them through medical aesthetics. How to eliminate fine lines in medical aesthetics?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 23 Gender: Female The method is to inject anti-wrinkle needles, which have a better effect on removing fine lines. Anti-wrinkle needle is a relatively common way to quickly remove fine lines. After injection, it can block local muscle nutrition. After the muscle loses nutrition, it will no longer cause pulling on the skin, and the skin can return to its original state. This can effectively remove fine lines and make the local skin more smooth. In daily life, you should eat more foods that are rich in collagen, which can enhance skin elasticity and effectively improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
The suggestion is for reference only, if the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for a detailed inspection