Problem description:I have typical dry skin. I heard from a friend that doing a medical beauty moisturizing program can effectively improve the dry state of the skin. I would like to know what medical beauty moisturizing programs are available?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
The main items of medical beauty replenishment are: Water oxygen rejuvenation and the introduction of hyaluronic acid, water light acupuncture is also a commonly used hydration method at present. Dry skin is prone to fine lines, and it is possible to inject more moisture into the skin through medical aesthetics, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of dry skin. The water light injection is to inject nutrients directly through the water light gun. This method is more suitable for people with dry lines and fine lines and dull skin. The needle-free water light is injected directly into the skin through a high-pressure jet, which can effectively improve skin quality in a short time. In addition to having a certain moisturizing effect, water oxygen revitalization can also deeply clean the pores. Therefore, beauty seekers can choose the appropriate medical beauty moisturizing program according to their needs. The method of medical beauty is to enhance the activity of the skin by artificial means. If you are prone to allergies, it is recommended to choose hyaluronic acid to introduce. This method can effectively reduce the probability of skin allergies and maintain a relatively good state.
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