Problem description:Because I often stay up late, I have many spots on my face. I want to go to the hospital for fractional laser treatment. What is the medical beauty fraction?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
Medical Beauty Lattice is mainly a choice The powerful laser energy is locally irradiated, which can help facial spots and pigmentation to fade. Fractional laser can set the same wavelength according to different facial symptoms. After acting on the lesion, it can penetrate deep into the skin tissue, instantly help the spots to be decomposed, and then excreted from the body through human metabolism. The acne marks and spots on the face can be improved, and diseases such as pigmented moles can be removed. Staying up late for a long time or not paying attention to skin care will cause spots on the face. After doing the fractional laser, it is necessary to do a good job of skin cleaning, avoid staying up late for a long time, and usually need to develop the habit of regular skin care in life.
The suggestion is for reference only, if the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for a detailed inspection