Problem description:Because I didn’t take good care of my skin, I had a lot of spots on my face. My friend recommended the medical beauty dot matrix to me. What is the medical beauty dot matrix?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 32 Gender: Female
Medical Cosmetic Lattice is a Laser Dot matrix can mainly achieve the effect of removing spots. Fractional laser is a relatively advanced technology at present. It mainly uses a specific beam energy to act on the skin, which can instantly burst into a photothermal effect, which can directly penetrate into the skin tissue, manipulate and decompose the pigment particles under the skin, and achieve the effect of removing melanin precipitation, but in the process of fractional laser. , causing slight pain and burning sensation on the skin. After moles and lasers, you should do a good job of skin protection, and try not to rub with your hands to avoid bacterial infection.
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