Problem description: During this time, the fat on my face has increased significantly, and it also affects the shape of my face. How to reduce the fat on my face?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 34 Gender: Female
It is generally possible to reduce the flesh on the face Through face-lifting needle injection, it can also be improved by liposuction. The main ingredient of face-lifting needle is botulinum toxin, which can mainly block the conduction of muscles and nerves, so that the muscles under the skin will gradually atrophy, and it can also achieve the effect of rapid face-lifting. Liposuction is mainly to suck out excess subcutaneous fat through negative pressure, which is two of the more popular micro-plastic treatment methods. In daily life, you should also pay attention to diet control, and try to avoid eating high-calorie or greasy foods in your diet to avoid accumulation of body fat.
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