Problem description: The color of my eyebrows is relatively light, so I chose to have eyebrows for treatment. After that, I want to eat some mutton. Can I eat mutton on the third day of eyebrow embroidery?
Question Date:2021-06-15
Patient Information:Age: 29 Gender: Female
Is it okay to embroider eyebrows on the third day Eating mutton depends on the recovery of the skin. After the eyebrows are groomed, regularly wipe with anti-inflammatory lotion or apply repairing ointment. On the third day, the cells on the surface of the skin have gradually healed. Eating some mutton in moderation can quickly replenish the nutrients needed by the body. If you don’t pay attention to skin care after doing eyebrows or the skin is aging seriously, the surface cells cannot heal after three days. It is best not to eat mutton, so as to avoid skin infection and swelling. Lamb meat is relatively common, and food is also a hair thing. It is best not to eat it if the skin is not completely repaired.
The suggestion is for reference only, if the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for a detailed inspection