At 10:00 am on May 8, Shanghai held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Yu Wenjian, Member of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China and Director of the Financial Consumer Rights Protection Bureau of the Head Office, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, financial institutions in Shanghai have worked hard to overcome the impact of epidemic control and implemented Facilitation measures such as online processing and instant enjoyment without application have effectively alleviated the financing difficulties of relevant market players and ensured continuous financial services. At present, Shanghai has successively released the “white list” of enterprises that have resumed work and production. The Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China will promote financial institutions to speed up the connection, make good use of the long-term funds released by the RRR cut, guide financial institutions to expand loan issuance, and increase financial support for resumption of work and production. strength.