High oil prices will accelerate the replacement of renewable energy, and the role of coal will be re recognized. While promoting the reduction of coal consumption, we should speed up the implementation of flexible transformation of coal motor units

at 24:00 on June 14, the 11th round of price adjustment of domestic refined oil this year was welcomed. After the adjustment, the domestic No. 92 gasoline has fully entered the “9 yuan era”, and the No. 95 gasoline in some regions has officially entered the “10 Yuan era”, setting a new historical record for the price of domestic refined oil. According to the current tense international crude oil supply and demand situation and historical experience, the oil price will remain high for a long time< Br>

oil is the mother of modern industry and the number one energy in the world today. In addition to refined oil widely used as fuel, petroleum is also the foundation of the chemical industry, providing raw materials for plastics, fertilizers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other products. It can be said that oil has penetrated every aspect of economic life, and its price fluctuations are bound to have an impact on people’s lives. How will high oil prices change our lives and reshape related industries< Br>

high oil prices further accelerate the electrification of automobiles, thus promoting low-carbon life. The rise and fall of oil prices are most closely related to the common people. Since this year, each time the oil price rises, it often takes more than ten yuan to fill a box of oil. In the face of rising gasoline and diesel prices, netizens have expressed that “they have been afraid to step on the accelerator”. High oil prices will directly curb the demand for gasoline vehicles. During the three oil crises in history, the global automobile sales dropped sharply, and pushed up the sales of fuel-efficient small cars< Br>

with the rapid progress of electric vehicle technology and productivity improvement, people have new choices. The high oil price has further widened the gap between the use cost of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, making more consumers who were originally in a swing stand in line with electric vehicles. The sales volume of new energy vehicles continues to grow rapidly, which is the biggest highlight of China’s auto market. According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in the first five months of this year, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles doubled year-on-year, and continued to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. The market share of new energy passenger vehicles was 26.3%, a new record. If the high oil price does not subside, electric vehicles will continue to erode the market share of fuel vehicles< Br>

high oil prices will accelerate the replacement of renewable energy. History has repeatedly proved that every high oil price will accelerate the development of alternative energy and reduce the excessive dependence of social economy on oil. Under the high oil price, in order to reduce the excessive dependence on a single energy variety, the world’s major oil consuming countries have implemented new energy policies, worked hard to develop different energy varieties, and enriched the domestic primary energy consumption structure. According to BP energy statistical yearbook, in 1973, when the first oil crisis occurred, oil accounted for about 50% of the world’s primary energy consumption structure. After several oil price increases, this proportion gradually decreased to nearly 30% in 2020. This round of rising oil prices once again forced major countries to accelerate the pace of energy transformation. Recently, the European Commission announced a new action plan to increase the EU’s 2030 renewable energy development target from 40% to 45% of energy supply, and accelerate the approval process of renewable energy projects< Br>

“lack of oil and gas” is China’s basic national condition. China’s dependence on foreign oil is as high as more than 70%, and the space for future production is limited. To resolve this key constraint on energy security, we must attach great importance to the development of renewable energy. The “fourteenth five year plan” period is a critical and crucial period for low-carbon energy transformation. It is necessary to formulate more active new energy development goals, vigorously promote the large-scale, high-proportion, high-quality and market-oriented development of renewable energy in the new era, strive to improve the consumption and storage capacity of new energy, and actively build a new power system with new energy as the main body, We will improve the institutional mechanisms and policy systems that are conducive to the joint development and utilization of renewable energy by the whole society, and provide a strong guarantee for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Based on the clean energy system, we will guide the industry to develop towards low energy consumption and high technology, and gradually reduce the proportion of oil in the industrial economy< Br>

the high oil price will make the role of coal recognized again. There is a general view that coal combustion is one of the main sources of air pollution. The carbon dioxide emissions from coal are 30% higher than that of oil and 70% higher than that of natural gas. It is called “devil’s dung” by Europe. But what is interesting is that when human beings transformed from the wood age to the coal age, coal was once considered as a clean energy, because compared with the combustion of wood, coal brought less pollution. Under the current technical conditions, coal has been proved to be a clean energy product. Under the high oil price, many European countries have restarted coal power generation to cope with energy shortage. The European Commission said that “some existing coal production capacity may be used longer than originally expected”< Br>

coal is the main energy in China. Too fast and too strong coal reduction will weaken the role of coal in ensuring the safe operation of the energy system. While reasonably and orderly promoting the reduction of coal consumption, we should promote the energy-saving and efficiency upgrading and clean utilization of coal-fired power units, carry out the heating transformation of coal-fired power units, and accelerate the implementation of the flexibility transformation of coal-fired power units. At the same time, moderately promote the development of modern coal chemical industry represented by coal to oil and coal to olefins, and gradually promote the high-end and high-value of coal chemical products. In a sense, this is also a hedge against high oil prices.