On June 23, the news learned from Qiandongnan Prefecture housing provident fund management center that Qiandongnan Prefecture housing provident fund management center issued 12 measures to promote the healthy development of the virtuous circle of the real estate industry< Br>

the new deal proposes to reduce the down payment ratio of provident fund loans for the second set of housing. For depositors who have settled the first set of self owned housing provident fund loans and re apply for housing provident fund loans to purchase a second set of improved housing, the minimum down payment ratio will be reduced from 40% to 20%, effectively reducing the payment pressure of depositors< Br>

at the same time, the maximum amount of provident fund loans will be increased. For employees who both husband and wife pay housing provident fund to apply for provident fund loans, the maximum amount of loans will be increased to 600000 yuan. For the first to fourth level special talents introduced by the State Party committee and the state people’s government, the maximum loan amount can be increased to 800000 yuan< Br>

in addition, the restriction of “withdrawal and loan” of provident fund will be relaxed. From June to December 2022, provident fund depositors can apply for housing provident fund loan after withdrawing the down payment of the purchase price not higher than 20% of the total purchase price when purchasing commercial housing and second-hand commercial housing. On the premise that the personal account still retains the balance of 6 months’ deposit, they can also apply for housing provident fund loan< Br>

the new deal also mentioned that the interval between the first and second set of provident fund loans was canceled. After the first set of self owned housing provident fund loans were settled by the employees, if there were still 6 months or more of housing provident fund balances in their personal accounts, the provident fund loans could be used again, and the one-year interval provision would no longer be implemented< Br >

the new deal shows that we will strengthen the protection of housing provident fund for various groups, and vigorously promote the payment and use of housing provident fund for village (community) cadres, employees of administrative institutions, urban flexible employment personnel and other groups throughout the prefecture. Depositors who have continuously deposited in full for more than 6 months may apply for housing provident fund loans< Br>

in terms of supporting loans for housing provident fund in different places in Guizhou Province, the new deal points out that the depositors of housing provident fund in different prefectures (cities) in Guizhou Province who come to Qiandongnan Prefecture to purchase new commercial houses and second-hand commercial houses can apply for loans for individual housing provident fund in different places, which is not restricted by the registered residence and work place< Br>

the new deal mentioned that eligible lenders are encouraged to handle “business to public” (commercial housing loans are converted to provident fund loans). If the loan demand for the housing accumulation fund of employees exceeds the maximum limit, they shall be guided to apply for portfolio loans< Br>

for the enterprises and employees affected by the COVID-19, the policy mentioned that before the end of 2022, the enterprises with difficulties affected by the epidemic can apply for deferred payment of housing provident fund, and during the period of deferred payment, the enterprise employees can normally handle the withdrawal of housing provident fund and apply for housing provident fund loans. Loan employees affected by the COVID-19 who are unable to repay the housing provident fund loan normally before the end of the year may apply in writing to the loan issuance management department to suspend the repayment of the principal and interest of the housing provident fund loan. During the period of deferred repayment, no overdue treatment, no penalty interest shall be charged, and no overdue record shall be submitted to the credit investigation department< img alt="" style="width:600px;" src=" https://imagecloud.thepaper.cn/thepaper/image/202/182/208.png ">