“We attach great importance to the healthy development of small and medium-sized banks, especially small banks.” On June 23, xiaoyuanqi, vice chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the press conference on the reform and development of the financial sector since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that, on the whole, the current operation of China’s small and medium-sized banks is stable and their development is healthy. Although there are still some problems, especially the risk of some institutions is relatively high, and some are suspected of crimes, the overall risk is completely controllable. The legitimate rights and interests of the vast number of financial consumers will be protected according to law, and the financial regulatory authorities will spare no effort to do a good job in related work< Br>

according to Xiao Yuanqi, China currently has 3991 small and medium-sized banks, including 147 urban commercial banks, 2196 rural credit cooperatives, and agricultural credit cooperatives, including rural commercial banks, as well as 1651 rural cooperative banks and rural credit cooperatives, with a total asset of 92trillion yuan. The total assets of these small and medium-sized banks account for 29% of the total assets of the banking industry, mainly serving small and micro enterprises’ financial services and business services, with loans accounting for 47% and 40% respectively< Br>

in terms of resolving non-performing assets and related risks, Xiao Yuanqi said that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission insisted on promoting the reform and insurance integration, and comprehensively promoted the reform and insurance of small and medium-sized banks. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the disposal of non-performing assets, promote multi-channel capital replenishment, improve corporate governance, strengthen scientific and technological empowerment, and promote the digital transformation of small and medium-sized banks< Br>

when talking about the recent risk events of Henan rural banks, Xiao Yuanqi said that recently, Henan local public security organs and local financial supervision departments have notified the problems of individual rural banks in Henan. At present, the public security organs are investigating, have also arrested a number of suspect and seized a number of assets involved in the case. The cbcirc will continue to cooperate with local Party committees and governments in relevant work in the future. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has instructed Henan banking and insurance regulatory bureau to perform its duties of territorial supervision and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of the people in accordance with the law.