Pan Wei, deputy director of the housing security department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said at the press conference today that in the next step, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will continue to guide and urge all localities to further standardize the development of public rental housing, and take the issuance of the guiding opinions on further improving and implementing positive birth support measures as an opportunity to strengthen the precise protection of public rental housing for families with many children. There are mainly three aspects of support: first, For eligible families with minor children, appropriate care can be given in the selection of household type according to the number of minor children. The second is to optimize the waiting and rent allocation rules of public rental housing, and include the number and composition of families into the factors of waiting order or comprehensive score. For eligible families with a large number of children, they can directly organize house selection. Third, we will improve the policy of public rental housing replacement. If there is a demand due to factors such as the increase of family population, employment, and children’s schooling, we will replace it in a timely manner according to the housing supply.