Recently, the US Treasury Department released data showing that China’s total holdings of US Treasury bonds fell by US $13 billion to US $967.8 billion in June, accounting for 13.02%, maintaining China as the second largest holder of US bonds. On the whole, foreign investors increased their holdings of US bonds by US $5.2 billion to US $7.43 trillion in June, of which Japan increased its holdings by US $12 billion, becoming the largest holder of US bonds; The UK reduced its holdings by US $19.1 billion in a single month, the largest reduction, with a balance of US $615 billion, making it the third largest holder of US debt< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > since December last year, China has reduced its holdings of US bonds for seven consecutive months. Since the beginning of this year, many countries have reduced their holdings of US bonds to varying degrees in different months, and foreign investors’ holdings of US bonds have shown a downward trend. At the end of June, the proportion of US bonds held by foreign investors in the balance of US Treasury bonds dropped to 24.31%, down nearly two percentage points from the end of last year< br>