This week’s focus on the company: Huawei, Apple, Byte Beat, Tencent, Starbucks, VIPKID

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The following is a noteworthy company and business news this week (September 16th – September 20th):

Huawei and Apple’s flagship machine are positive PK. Who is the winner in China’s high-end machine market in the second half of the year?

On the evening of September 19, Huawei released the Mate 30 series, and the next day, Apple’s new flagship iPhone 11 was officially released online. Since the Mate 30 series cannot continue to pre-install Android and Google Apps, sales of Huawei’s overseas markets (especially Europe) have been avoided this year. Therefore, in order to maintain revenue growth, Huawei’s new flagship focus is undoubtedly in the domestic, and will be in line with the Apple iPhone 11 series in the domestic high-end mobile phone market.

From the product point of view, the first 5G mobile phone system chip is the biggest highlight and selling point of the Mate 30 series. Since the new iPhone does not support 5G, the new flagship has also given many Huawei fans to continue to win the apple in the high-end machine market. Confidence. However, since the Huawei Mate 30 5G version was not sold as early as it was (almost in November), the new iPhone’s “no 5G” doubts have faded to some extent. Since the first window of the 5G baseband chip is difficult to focus on, the competition between Huawei and Apple will return to the competition between product strength and brand power in the short term.

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Byte hopping pushes new App layout marketing business, commercialization and acceleration

According to its “Tech Planet”, the two new apps on the line jumped on the line, namely the “big creative” of the short video marketing creative communication service platform, and the creative video production app “TikTok” developed for the vibrating international version of Tiktok. AdStudio”. On the whole, the huge amount of creativity is similar to the function of TikTok AdStudio. It is a creative short video service platform for advertisers, video creators, etc., similar to a creative advertising search engine and creative video library. Coupled with the previous “Huge Engine” App and “Flying Fish CRM”, Byte Beat has launched four independent apps for the advertising marketing business, forming a closed loop of advertising marketing system.

Today, the huge engine product line has covered all aspects of monitoring data from delivery to delivery, tracking conversion performance statistics, forming a marketing closed loop, and providing marketing services for the entire bytebeat system.