This week, the financing of RMB 100 million and above broke out, and the hardware surpassed popular medical health and corporate services for the first time in the past month to become the hottest track.

Editor’s note: The Venture Capital Weekly is a new column, updated at 9:00 every Sunday, to comb the venture capital users for a week of venture capital hotspots, not to miss any venture capital dynamics that deserve attention. In the weekly report, we focus on new projects, new trends, and new ideas – the A round and the previous entrepreneurial projects, which are used to present the trend in the brewing. In the interesting and concentrated project, we are the unicorn candidates we think have potential. . The last part is the weekly selection of the venture capital circle, which is the venture capitalist’s own circle of friends, which contains a lot of dry goods & deep thinking sharing. This week, the billion-yuan RMB financing official announced 12, ushered in a small explosion in the week. For the first time in nearly a month, hardware has surpassed popular medical health and corporate services to become the hottest track.

One week venture capital hotspot

From September 13 to September 20, a total of 43 financing events occurred this week, focusing on hardware, corporate services and local life tracks. Among them, the hardware field reached the hottest track, and a total of 9 financings were awarded; the enterprise service track received a total of 8 pens; local life has 6 financing accounts. According to the public information, the specific financing track and round distribution are as follows:

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Important financing events

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