In addition to the short-term boost of external factors such as the sharing of the bicycle economy, where is the long-term way out?

Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Deep Network” by Enron.

In the afternoon, at 3 pm, more than 40 workers in the shared bicycle workshop at the Fujitsu Jinghai plant in Tianjin installed hazel bicycles on two production lines. This production workshop was specially established in 2017 by Fujitec in response to the sudden surge in shared bicycle orders. At the beginning of the establishment, the workshop was equipped with 13 production lines, but now only two production lines are under construction.

“The most popular time for sharing bicycles, 13 production lines are fully open, and the production capacity of one production line is 1,500 to 1800 units, which are basically shipped every day. The loading and unloading workers are two shifts of night shifts. It was also produced here before, but after October 2017, the figure of the small yellow car could not be seen on the production line,” said Gu Xueli, director of production and sales of Fujita, pointing to a slightly empty production line for “Deep Net”.

In four years, manufacturers of shared bicycles such as Fujita have witnessed the rise, explosion, decline, and calmness of shared bicycles.

The “intrusion” of shared bicycles has opened the door to the development of the traditional self-proclaimed car industry, allowing traditional bicycle manufacturers such as Fujitec, Phoenix, Perpetual, and Flying Pigeons, which have been considering how the bicycle industry can be added to the Internet and high technology. We saw the dawn. But later it turned out that sharing bicycles in the traditional bicycle industry is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, there is a sudden surge in orders and short-term performance growth. On the other hand, traditional bicycle manufacturers have to bear the “pain” caused by the feast.

These industries that have existed for nearly a hundred years are collectively reflecting on a problem. Apart from the short-term boost of external factors such as the sharing of the bicycle economy, where is the long-term way out?

Unable to recover arrears

There is a media account, according to the current speed, theo of the small yellow car deposit will be 12.5 years. Waiting for the small yellow car to pay back is not only the former small yellow car users, but also Fujitsu, Shanghai Phoenix, Feige and other bicycle factories.

In the eyes of these bicycle manufacturers, shared bicycles are no longer the “golden masters” who can bring huge orders. Some of them have suddenly lost their connections, or the bankrupt shared bicycle companies have gradually become these corporate finances. “Bad account preparation” in the report.

On May 5, 2017, Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., Ltd. and the operating entity of Ofo, Dongxia Datong, signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, which stipulates that Dongxia Datong will provide a total of not less than 5 million bicycles to Phoenix Bicycle. Shopping list.

If Dongxia Datong can purchase a purchase order from Shanghai Phoenix in accordance with the agreement