The sharp brother 9 years ago, the wandering masters 9 years later, their fate has changed in the opposite direction after the popularity.

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Ragged, unkempt, tramp in the city often shows people like this. Pedestrians on the road often avoid it, and the word “passing by” seems to never apply to them. However, if we throw away the stereotypes inherent in the society, the story behind the wanderings has a mysterious color for others. For this reason, whenever these rescue mechanisms are forgotten, and even the tramps that have been abandoned by the society appear in the network with some strong contrast, a network of onlookers will also unfold.

9 years ago, Cheng Guorong, a sharp and melancholy man, was like this. Nine years later, the same is true of the wandering master of Bogutong today. But the difference is that their fate has changed in the opposite direction after the popularity.


A chance to shoot, let the sharp brother get angry.

In early 2010, when a photographer in Ningbo tried the SLR camera at the Sony store, he pointed the camera at the pedestrians on the street. A brow with a brow and a windbreaker appeared in the viewfinder. in.

After the camera shutter rang twice, the photographer felt that the person in the photo was a tramp, but had a different temperament, so he shared the photo in a photography forum with a sentence at the time. Internet buzzword: “Don’t be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend!”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

This photo was later reprinted to the End of the World community, attracting more attention, netizens said that sharp brother is a trendy man, evaluation of its “European and American thick line with a delicate Japanese style.”

The identity of the tramp and the trend of fashion wear a strong contrast, making the sharp brother quickly fire on the Internet, a variety of PS-processed spoof photos continue to emerge, traditional paper media and online media tracking reports, and even CCTV They all made a special issue of “The Legendary Sharp Brother”.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?


The sharp brother who was wrapped up in the paragraph became a source of happiness for netizens, but he himself was an unfortunate person.

In 2000, the former brother of Cheng Guorong ushered in his second son, which made the family, which was not well-off, the economy more tense. The sharp brother had to leave the farmland with limited income, and he was alone and took the bus from Jiangxi Xiangyang to work in Ningbo, Zhejiang.

Before departure, the 24-year-old sharp brother told his wife that he would send money home soon. But in the next ten years, he has been wandering in the city, never returned to his hometown, and has never sent a money.

In the first two years of leaving home, the sharp brother also made a phone call to the family every three or five times. His sister had recalled to Nandu Weekly, saying that there were not many words in the phone on the phone. “It is estimated that he did not earn money.”

In 2003, the sharp brother who had been out for three years completely lost contact with his family. It was not until 2008 that news about him appeared on the Internet, but he was not fired at the time and he was not called a sharp brother.

When the netizen “Lao Cat” first discovered the sharp brother, the sharp brother who had been wandering for many years was wearing a women’s dress, which was very conspicuous in the city. After that, the old serval cat has repeatedly found a sharp brother to talk to him, to send food, has become the only acquaintance of the sharp brother in Ningbo is willing to talk a few words.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

With the sharp brothers in the forum in 2010, the family members in Jiangxi were informed by neighbors that “Cheng Guorong may have been found”. When the family took the bus to Ningbo and looked forward to reuniting with their loved ones, the old cat also received a call for help from Ningbo Rescue Station. He hoped that he could persuade the sharp brother to go to the rescue station and let him “feel the warmth of the city.”

The next day, Sharp Brother finally reunited with his family after ten years. He cut off his long hair, put on a new dress, put on a striking PUMA knit hat, and took the return bus that he left home ten years ago to return to his former home.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?


It’s hard to say that it’s a good thing for him to go home, or a bad thing.

The sharp brother came home again and triggered the onlookers, attracting neighboring villages and even more distant villagers, and drove the agricultural tricycles in groups of three and five. The leaders of the local counties and township governments personally went to the door to express their condolences and sent a donation of 30,000 yuan. And the media from all over the country are constantly coming in and out of the sharp brother’s home.

The sharp brother at this time, although self-enclosed because of long-term wandering, still retains some social skills.

When accepting donations, he smiled intently and took the initiative to embrace the donation representatives; the psychologist who was free to treat the sharp brothers, when he left his home, the sharp brother also took the initiative to give it a hand, this psychological consultation The teacher was surprised. “At this moment, he is like a normal person.”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

The story of the sharp brother’s returning home has been greatly noticed on the Internet, and he has been stared at by many businessmen. He has been invited to attend events or endorsement products, and even invited to He is the press conference for the prototype movie “The Legend of Sharp”.

However, more and more business activities have made the sharp brothers who are afraid of the crowd on the streets of Ningbo become more cautious.

He was invited to a fashion show at Country Garden Farm in Shunde, Guangdong, but perhaps because of tension, wearing a striped shirt, black trousers, and wearing a black felt hat, he was almost covered by his family. It was only in the middle of the stage that it was completed in just half a minute. The sharp brother who made the catwalk in the afternoon was just two rounds around the stage, and waved his hand to the audience mechanically.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

Sharp brother became a tool for news hype during that time.

In 2011, the “Sharp Brother” men’s clothing took advantage of the reputation of the sharp brother to create a brand of hype, creating a news that “Sharp Brother” appeared in the Shanghai Secret Society “Sharp”, the news described the sharp brother: ” Recently, the online sharp figure has been reproduced. Some users uploaded videos displayed in a private coffee shop. The sharp brother is old in a foreign country.Under the head of the match, talk to a mixed-race woman.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

Cheng Guanghua, a sharp-minded uncle who teaches at the university, said that “they can’t stand the gas, they are open-minded.” It’s just a private meeting between the sharp brother and the brand, and the result was taken on the spot. A few photos, but became a sharp brother suspected blind date, and at the end of the news, unsurprisingly pointed out the “sharp brother” menswear brand.

It seems that because the correct psychotherapy was not carried out, the frequent participation in commercial activities made the sharp brother unacceptable in a short time, and the mental condition began to deteriorate. Uncle Cheng Guanghua once said that the body of the sharp brother is no problem. The biggest problem is self-confidence. “His self-confidence is not a little lost, but a lot.”


The sharp brother itself has no talent and specialties. His fame is only because of the huge contrast caused by his own network. As time goes by, netizens gradually reduce their freshness, and the sharp brothers are also drowning in the ever-changing network hotspots.

Until 2013, Sharp Brothers once again became the focus of attention.

At that time, a user released the “Sharp Brothers re-emerged in the rivers and lakes, and again wandered unmanned” in Tianya Forum. In the post, the landlord claimed to be in the same place as the sharp brother. He saw the sharp brother wearing a shackle, smashing cigarette butts and resurrecting around his hometown. “As for when he came home, why is he still wandering, why the family didn’t look for him, and why the community gave him a donation to help him not eat anything, I don’t want to try.”

At that time, Anhui Satellite TV went to the hometown of Sharp Brothers for an on-the-spot interview and found that the sharp brother did continue to wander as the Internet said, but the family who had moved into the two-story Xiaoyang Building thought that the sharp brother was just distracted.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

His family said that he also had difficulties, and he had to return to the sharp brother, but he later ran out himself. “He has a long foot and can’t lock him up.”

The plan to send to a psychiatric hospital for treatment was also shelved because there was no money. In the end, the reporter contacted the local government to get help from free treatment. At the end of the interview on TV, his family said gratefully to the camera:”I am really satisfied with this result.”

The sharp brother who used to be on the whole network was eventually sent to a psychiatric hospital, and it was no longer sharp.


When the sharp brother was wandering on the streets of Ningbo, he was now known as the “Wandering Master” and was also wandering in Shanghai not far away. But the fame of the sharp brother stems from his avant-garde style, and the fame of the indulgence stems from his rich knowledge.

In March of this year, Shen Yu suddenly became popular. In the short video taken by netizens, Shen Yan sat on the side of the road, and closed his eyes to tell the celebrity allusions in standard Mandarin. He talked about Zuo Zhuan, Shang Shu, and even the enterprise. The way to management.

For a time, netizens called Shen Wei “Wandering Master”, and in the related short video, they brushed up some ironic comments: “The master is wandering, the clown is in the hall.”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

For the mental illness that is no different from ordinary people, the wandering seems to be more of a lifestyle that belongs to him.

In 1986, Shen Yu entered the Shanghai Audit Bureau. He bought books from Xiaoshao’s waste products and bought books. He saw that the unit was wasting paper, so he often picked up newspapers in the trash or printed one side of waste paper.

In the 7 years of working in the audit bureau, Shen Yan was not good at socializing and not participating in the dinner, and gradually became a maverick and dispensable person in the office. In the end, Shen Yu was complained on the grounds that the unit was rubbish. The leader asked him to talk and let him stay. The family also felt that he was picking up garbage in a decent work unit. It was “the brain is not normal.”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

18-year-old in the college entrance examination

He cried because he felt that he was not as short of money as he was when he was a child. He was just saving money on the unit, and it turned out to be such a situation.

He was mad at renting a house outside his home. As a result, his habit of picking up rubbish, he was complained by neighbors, and he was driven out of the rented house twice. He could only continue to pick up garbage in the form of wandering. Every day, I picked up the garbage in the early morning, and when I was bright, I screamed for a while. I woke up and sorted and sorted during the day. I went to the nearby subway station to read the book at night, and I went back and forth.

The people nearby have told him that he is a literate madman. “If you don’t return home, don’t sell things, isn’t this a madman?”


Shen Yu once said that he worships Gandhi. “I am willing to take the initiative to live an awkward life. I don’t advertise, I just like this kind of life.”

But the life of asceticism finally changed after becoming a “wandering master.”

In the beginning of Shen Cheng’s fame, just open his eyes every day, he was wrapped up in the three-story and three-story crowd, and the black-pressed mobile phone blocked his view. The people who filmed the video and the live broadcast, on the surface, discussed the knowledge with him. In fact, most of them just wanted to take the opportunity to raise their own account. The “Wandering Master” is also the “flow master” in their eyes.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

There are some people who are trying to become net red. They are sitting on the ground, looking for a variety of angles and taking photos, even high-profile placards. Even people who had been escaping from sinking in the past when they were wandering began to take the initiative to talk to him: “It’s so hard to be so hard!”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

The magical reality has infiltrated the original plain life. During this time, he recognized a follower as a dry son, cut off the long hair that had been messy, and put on a clean shirt, leaving only his iconic beard. Under the advice of the people around him, Shen Yu is no longer just appearing in the lens of others, he started to do short videos and live broadcasts.


Every night, Shen Yan is sitting on the street just like when he is just married. Facing the mobile phone with his eyes closed, he tells the audience about the literary allusions and customs in the live broadcast.

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

Although the roaming popularity has turned on the live broadcast career, it seems like a typical hype case, but from his current live broadcastOn the fast hand platform, the word-of-mouth has not changed much compared with before, which may be due to the fact that Shen Yu has maintained a sense of reality from beginning to end.

In the original “Wandering Master”, Shen Yu said that this title is a good name. He just read more books than ordinary people, and there is still a distance from the title of the master; he did not use the tramp. The identity of Bo is sympathetic. Instead, when he was just concerned, he volunteered that he was not short of money. Although he was in a state of waiting for a job, the unit still issued a monthly salary of more than 2,000 yuan. Even after the live broadcast, he was very calm about his live broadcast income. It is said that the monthly reward income is about 100,000 yuan.

The short video uploaded by Shen Wei recorded the process of visiting many cultural attractions and museums after he became famous. Every time he went to a place, he explained the historical story behind him, which also quickly attracted more than 1.3 million fans. attention.

Now he still has the habit of collecting plastic bottles and packing food. He feels that he is still wandering, but he has become a “senior wandering”. In his personal homepage, he wrote: “Doing garbage sorting is not because of my life. Hardship, but I insist on the idea of ​​diligence and thrift to eliminate waste, without pity and sympathy.”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

And just in the summer when Shen Qiang left the garbage dump and began to visit everywhere, a vigorous waste sorting in Shanghai began. In a short video released by Shen Wei, a netizen’s sentence was topped with a hot comment: “When Master Shen engaged in garbage sorting, all the people in Shanghai went to travel. Now all Shanghai is engaged in garbage sorting, Master Shen goes. Traveling.”

What happened to the tramp that was consumed?

This sentence also seems to confirm that when Shen Hao was just popular, he said in an interview: “The road to falling (wandering) is ultimately a conflict of ideas.”