Four Tips for Explaining Corporate Community Operations

Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), Author Gu Su.

The mobile Internet era has spawned many new traffic businesses in traditional industries.

The operation of the new traffic enterprise relies on the mobile Internet to inject content output into each marketing segment, and the brand itself has superior user adsorption capabilities.

Their customers are not from phone, push and webpages, but reliant on the fine-grained operation of new media platforms, communities, and friends, and get a lot of low-cost customers in a short period of time.

The “Perfect Diary”, a domestic beauty brand created in 2017, has established a million-level private domain traffic pool through the WeChat public account and community operations.

In the highly competitive beauty track, sales in the eight months soared 50 times, and in just two years, it achieved a headwind.

Tmall sales are far better than Lancome and Estee Lauder, and the domestic brands that Zhiwangquan and other leaders have led are far behind.

Each month, sales have skyrocketed 50 times. Why do

Twenty Years of Tmall Cosmetics Sales Comparison / Growth Black Box

The knowledge-paid brand “Long Investment School” passed a 9-yuan “14-day Xiaobai Financial Training Camp” community course, and completed 100 million A round of financing in 2017, with more than 2 million paid users, becoming the largest in China. Online financial education institution.

In 8 months, sales have skyrocketed 50 times. Why do

100 million financing ceremony / long-term school public number

The online K12 brand with a market value of $3 billion “who learns” is also a representative of new traffic companies.

Whoever learns has nearly one hundred public numbers, and the traffic that attracts the public number is introduced into the community, and the high-quality free class is used to drive the purchase of paid courses.

This method allows people who learn to make a fortune in the fierce competition of the K12 industry in 2018.

An online education company, from January 2018 to May 2019, the monthly flow of paid courses in one of the sub-sectors increased from 0 to 35 million. (The data comes from the celebrations held by the department at the hotel, and our colleagues just happened to meet)

Many industries have been redefined in the new traffic era.

The community has become an important business tool that can solve many of the core issues of the enterprise.

The advantage of the community is that it can help companies get more out of it with less cost.

The community’s layered nature determines that group members have a common need to bring more accurate traffic to the business, saving traffic costs.

At the same time, the community based on WeChat’s high-frequency use and acquaintance socialization, can break through time and space restrictions, quickly disseminate information in a short time, and can directly deal, saving marketing costs.

In addition, the community can also manage and manage batches at a lower cost, discerning fans, increasing user stickiness, bringing deals and repurchases, and saving customer acquisition costs.

8 months sales have skyrocketed 50 times. Why do

Perfect Diary Community

In recent years, community development has shown the following trends:

Community awareness.

The community has fully penetrated the public. Grabbing the red envelope is undoubtedly a great invention to promote the development of the community. Both the elderly and the children know that the group can “grab the red envelope”.

From the family group,