Regarding online education, my friends look at it like this…

The imbalance of teachers has given the opportunity for the scale expansion of online education platforms. In the summer of this year alone, the total number of online education platforms such as Xuesi School, Tutoring, Homework, One-to-One, One Learning, and Homework Boxes totaled 4 billion yuan. The development of the online education industry is in a state of blowout, but for online education, there is no future without burning money. Although the online education track is crowded, it still leaves an imaginable entrepreneurial opportunity for the current entrepreneurs.

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First of all, I am still very optimistic about online education. Online education solves the problem of inequality in educational resources. From this starting point, the goal is correct, but it also has great limitations, or education itself has certain Limitations, online education magnifies these issues: The cost of choice is high, whether it is interest learning or the old three, everyone is fighting for students’ time, time is limited, no matter what you learn, everyone is competitive, marketing promotion It’s horrible, online education has to give users plenty of reasons to choose your acceptance. Although the popularity of the Internet is already high, the acceptance of online education and knowledge payment is still in the science stage, and it takes a long time. Users are accustomed to education in two ways. Online education needs to go a long way, and there are more unknown pits. Of course, I think there are still several directions to be tried as entrepreneurs: online and offline, if Online and offline education can be combined, and it will be complemented by a certain degree, while ensuring user acceptance. Enhance the user experience more convenient for students to learn, if conditions permit, the entrepreneur can start from one end and energized. Segment user images, targeted promotion, can not stay online, appropriate offline activities, go to the sinking market to see, a training course to make guitars and guitars can open 4 stores in a county. Can it be copied to other cities with online thinking? Or can online education itself become an online management teacher, and teach offline? A little divergent, summed up: online education can be expected in the future, but the road to go is still very long, we must practice more and think.

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The originator of online education “network school” has been developed for more than 20 years. After 80 years, I still remember the Beijing Sizhong Network School when I was a child. Its appearance did not change the pattern of college entrance examination and changed the issue of educational fairness. After all, education is interpersonal interaction. Like love, it requires hands-on and face-to-face. It requires the words and deeds that we have been adhering to for thousands of years. Because people’s attention is limited and unstable, especially for younger children, face-to-face can wake up, activate, and maintain learning. Especially in foreign languages, everyone knows that being physically present is more effective than face-to-face. Face-to-face infiltration, communication in a foreign language, mathematics in a foreign language, and other disciplines are more effective than simple input. It is just that parents have no conditions for children to go abroad and have no energy to accompany them. I will buy tapes, CDs, online lessons today, and foreign teacher videos one-on-one… I really thought that the next app recharge, the child can become a schoolmaster? Artificial intelligence will make online education more efficient. Online education will become a good supplement to traditional education. However, the balance and fairness of educational resources cannot be solved by online education. This matter and the e-commerce are sinking the people of the 3rd and 4th lines. It’s not the same thing.

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First of all, online education is a very, very large market with unlimited potential! Today’s motherland is just getting started in online education. And partial science is serious, foreign languages, accounting, etc. are particularly important; I think this is not good, it should not be, and it should be adjusted and needs to be enriched in the future. In terms of crowd popularity, online education is far from enough, so let alone the paid category. In terms of paid music, it is just getting started (primary level); then the paid category of online education can only be regarded as “kindergarten level”. Therefore, regardless of the development process, the beneficiaries, the scope and system of knowledge, the establishment of the general platform, the learning habits of online education, and the innovation of business models, there is still tremendous room for development! Remember: Online education is a “no money” business, so please be cautious with money as the only standard, oriented entrepreneurs! On the contrary, if it is for a more comprehensive, systematic, perfect and systematic online learning system for the people of the motherland, then: What is the unsuccessful reason? Sincerely hope that there are international great enterprises represented by Alibaba in the electric business community; then: there must be such an international big enterprise in the online education industry!


In the future education, because online education has more potential for commercialization than traditional offline education, and countless enterprises are pouring in, the competition for online education is bound to become more intense, and the market can be continuously educated and made online. Education is more mature and we have won several giants. From the perspective of teaching effects, online education lacks two-way communication between teachers and students. The biggest advantage of online education is the strength of teachers.Powerful, and not limited by time and space, is also low in price. Unlike traditional educational institutions, online education can radiate a larger scope. Due to the advantages of two-way communication, offline education has some artistic courses, and traditional offline education has advantages over online education. From a business perspective, online education does not require institutional stores and more manpower due to its wide range of radiation. Can get more benefits at a lower cost. Limited by the particularity of education, online education will not ban physical education institutions. Education is a big cake, due to the different characteristics of online education and traditional offline education. Online and offline education will continue to develop and the future will blend together.


Education has a strong anti-cyclicality. It can be understood that at the moment when dividends are gradually disappearing and user growth is peaking, education is like the Ivy League in the capital market, supplemented by an increasingly mature online model, which constantly attracts the market. attention. Among them, k12 is its vanguard. Only this segment has a scale of nearly 100 billion. According to the market-to-sales ratio of the listed education companies, regardless of the entire education industry, it is only in the k12 industry, and it will certainly incubate a $100 billion education company.


Roughly, in the case of further narrowing of the ascending channel, the congestion on the wooden bridge will continue for a very long time, so the development prospects of the education-related track should not be too bad. The problem is that from a system perspective, the player’s game space becomes larger and more flexible, and ultimately only makes the entire game field more cruel, which is almost the same as the 724 non-stop encryption market. Is this really good for your lovely flowers? It is worth thinking twice.


Online education, the biggest difference from traditional education is that it is not limited to space and time. However, according to the MOOC satisfaction study of my research paper, the completion rate is very low. Why? There are no rules for the most direct cause. If people are not bound, it is free and easy, but it is easy to loose. Therefore, online education can solve the problem of teachers, which is only unilateral, and how to solve the problem of a learner. A better model is that centralized learning, centralized and unified online teaching, can monitor certain learning outcomes. Then the line off-duty teacher assisted in answering questions. There are also online videos in the 5G era that use artificial intelligence to monitor student status.

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I will tell you my point of view first and explain why this is the point. I don’t think so. I am a vocational education worker. Simply put, it is to give entrepreneurs, bosses, executives training and corporate governance guidance.