According to the official website data, the price of fresh goods of “Guizhou Heli” is 20% lower than the farmer’s market by an average of 30%, which is 20% lower than that of general supermarkets. Currently, 85 stores are opened in the province. Sales reached 4.5 billion yuan.

It is reported, “Guizhou Heli announced that it has completed the B round of financing, with an investment of over 100 million yuan. The leading investor is Ming Yao Capital, and the investment party is willing to make it. In November 2017, Guizhou Heli won the A round of financing supported by Kangxi Capital.

The chain supermarket operator

“Guizhou Heli” Financing History Source: Enterprise Check

The “Guizhou Heli” Supermarket Group was founded in 2000. The brand matrix includes Heli Huimin Fresh Food, Heli Huimin Fresh and Fresh Standard Flagship Supermarket, Heli Comprehensive Supermarket, Heli Shopping Plaza, Food Court, Heli Department Store, etc. The sector is a chain supermarket operator with a fresh business as its core.

In terms of its operation mode, “Guizhou Heli” is taking the road of the offline entity faction, starting from the physical store and expanding regionally. In addition to focusing on building a mature supply chain for fruit and vegetable dry goods, in July 2017, Heli Supermarket undertook the operation of the Guizhou Provincial Quality Agricultural Products Collection Center project, which can realize the integration of key commodities, and instantly reserve and reduce their own agricultural products. Circulation costs, providing a reserve pool for the supply of specific commodities for major festivals.

According to the media, the regional fresh retailer “Guizhou Heli” has maintained a 30% sales growth for many years, and the reason why Guizhou Heli has established a foothold in Guizhou and surrounding areas can be roughly divided into three points: 1. The growth of Guizhou’s economy has driven the outline of consumption levels, and there is a market for fresh retail, and it is a blue ocean state in Guizhou compared to other regions. 2. The “Great Poverty Alleviation” strategy of Guizhou Province has continued to strengthen the “vegetable basket” project construction, providing a very good development environment for Heli Supermarket and related suppliers in the industrial chain. 3. Regional retailer Guizhou Heli has been deeply immersed in Guizhou, and has a deeper understanding and research on the Southwest Guizhou market compared to the national retail enterprises.

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