Nintendo has brought the new series of Pokemon to the mobile platform!

Remember the cute group of dreams in The Detective Pikachu?

The story of their side by side with the protagonist not only swept the global box office, but also became the dream of countless people.

This time, Pokémon Masters can help you on your phone!

Orthodox branch, alliance challenge, elf training, Pokémon and super popular partner, this game of main battle and cooperation, earned $26 million in the first week.

Compared with the previous “Fang Ke Meng” and “Pokémon Dream GO”, Pokémon Masters prefers the original gameplay. In the recent Pokémon Dream, can you pick up the baton and become the next “Elves”? Bao Ke Meng GO?

A Jun accompanied by Xiaozhi’s joy to win the Pokémon Masters experience!

Pokémon’s excellent kernel

Sentiment is the common emotion of many Pokémon players. I am also one of them. When I opened Pokémon Masters, I was thrilled by the familiar music, the beginning of the classics and the familiar characters.

Whether you played the game without playing, in the era when you can see the Pokémon animation on TV, Xiao Zhi and Pikachu, Xiaogang and Big Rock Snake, Xiaoxia and Gems Starfish, this classic trio is a childhood memory for many players.

Pokémon Masters chose the classic characters to play with the iconic elf partner, and traveled for the goal of the Elf League master. When you open the game and fight alongside Xiao Gang and Xiao Xia, there is always a joy of reunion, as if you Returning to the middle two teenagers, travel, friendship and dreams are memories that are unchanging around Bao Kemeng.

If you are an old player in the Pokémon series, you can find the owner of the pavilion in the Pokémon Masters. See the familiar moves in the illustrations. In the plot, players can once again fight against the league champions, knocking down the dark forces hidden behind them, or familiar formulas, or the same routine, whether it is an animated party or a war party, will be full of memories.

Pokémon Masters continues the three-dimensional modeling of “Let’s Go Pikachu”. Although the picture is not refined, it is also consistent with the series. The level is higher than that of the previous Pokémon, and the cartoon-like picture rendering also adds a lot to the game. Each of the elves is re-modeled, and you can see each of the treasures in the illustrations.

In the battle, the game also produces a shocking close-up of each of the treasures of the dream, when you When you shout out a lightning strike with Pikachu on the screen, it must be what you dreamed of when you were young.

As the focus of Pokémon Masters, the 3V3 combat system is quite interesting. The traditional Pokémon setting is not simplified because of mobile games. Elves are six-dimensional, upgraded and evolved. Without them, it is not a real treasure.

Every wizard has only 4 skills, and there are also passive skills to choose from. The combination of different attribute skills can combine different teams; auxiliary is as important as attack, weather team, strong attack team, abnormal team, here Can be achieved. The game’s combat system has a certain playability, the combination of various skills and attribute matching is full of strategies, and the semi-instantaneous battle makes the battlefield change rapidly, and the set of fire seconds output or auxiliary buff is between you.

The game does not choose the traditional turn-based battle, but uses the action point method to make the battle timeliness greatly improved. The action point will recover in time, and the skill will consume the corresponding action points. Because the three elves on the field share, this also leads to a lot of time, most of the skills are idle, and the attribute restraint is also reduced to a single attribute. Resistance is removed.

Pokémon Masters Although a certain degree of simplification is given to the combat system, the 3V3 combat mode, the full story experience, the introduction of partners and combat, let it open upAnother road different from Pokémon Go, in which players can once again feel the charm of being unique.

Familiar mobile game recipes

DeNA is a mature mobile game production company. Pokémon Masters is a game that cooperates with Nintendo. Naturally, traditional mobile game elements are indispensable. The higher gold points are naturally unavoidable.

Another point is the material system needed to train the elves.

Pokémon MastersThe essence is a card game, different cards are divided into Samsung Up to five stars, repeated cards will be automatically upgraded and become the material for the upgrade breakthrough. If you collect a certain amount, you can upgrade and break through. If you want to break through from Samsung to five stars, you will definitely need to draw a lot of cards.

Pokémon Masters is slightly stingy on diamonds (氪金石) compared to other Japanese-style mobile games. After the novice teaching is completed, there is no traditional free ten company. Pumping, and copying the customs and completing the mission can only get a small amount of diamonds. Compared to the consumption of 300 diamonds, it takes a lot of time for players to free games.

Because the game focuses on partner and battle, the method of getting a partner in Pokémon Masters is added to the story, and the rest can only be drawn through the sheet metal. Get, the sprite and the partner are one-to-one correspondence, you can not freely combine according to your own ideas.

At the same time, the game has strict control over the degree of freedom of the card. The skills of each card are preset. You can only unlock the existing skills, instead of the previous treasures. Just go free to learn. The blood returning props in the game have become a skill of Pokémon. Not all Pokémons can use the wound medicine to restore their health.

The material system in Pokémon Masters tests the player’s “hepatic” as usual.

Break the Elf level requires material, upgrade skill requires material, cultivation level requires material, elf evolution requires material, plus game has no physical limit, lower drop and cultivation difficulty will become a nightmare for many players, repeatability The brush has also become a part of the game.

The sudden increase in the difficulty of the plot and the imbalance of the strength of the card make the game team become uniform in the later stage, and the scenes that are slightly chaotic are often confusing. The lack of content in the later period makes the game more time.” It is not on the liver or on the liver.”

Charm’s charm and affection

To say that there are still more IP companies in the world that can compete with Disney, Nintendo is definitely doing it.

Bao Ke Meng ZuoOne of the most well-known IPs, even a simple joint name, has a horrible appeal.

Dessert Chain Store Baskin-Robbins launched a Pokémon joint venture, which generated 400 million yen in just one day:

In the third year after listing, “Pokémon GO” achieved a staggering $110 million in global revenue in August:

And, in this year’s movie market, the new IP’s “Detective Pikachu” has not only succeeded in surpassing “Warcraft” as the highest-grossing game adaptation movie, but also the most popular game adaptation movie:

Bao Ke Meng Company tends to use IP to make money. Whether it is the cooperation between Pokémon and Tmall Elf, or a variety of Pokémon dolls, Pokémon itself is no longer stuck in the game, but in recent years The frequent appearance of Pikachu also proves the appeal of IP world class.

In the many games of Switch, the quality of the Pokémon series is in the upper-middle level, but the optimization is still worrying, and this is in Pokémon Masters It also shows that whether it is a scene loading or an interactive adventure, the calorific value of the mobile phone will rise sharply, and the picture will appear from time to time.

The Pokémon Masters announced at the face-to-face meeting is still interesting, but the comparison between mobile games is only an average game, but the traditional model adds treasure. Dreams, turned into a gold weapon, crazy to attract fans and passers-by.

In the future development, the balance between innovation and feelings is a question that Pokémon still needs to consider.