The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on.

On October 8th, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~

Financing News Reports

Achieve $200 million in AI new drug development cooperation, Zhengda Fenghai and Insilico Medicine officially signed a cooperation case

Achieve $3 million in financing, “full of jujube cakes” to create a new generation of Chinese baking Brand

“Genebox Genebao” received nearly $100 million in Series A financing, and Daxie Capital Plus Healthy track

“Easy Technology” has received tens of millions of B2 rounds of financing to accelerate expansion indoors and outdoors ” Unmanned distribution” market

Early Project Report

Becoming a “honeycomb” in the pharmaceutical retail industry, “Pharmaceutical Network” wants to use smart devices And software to improve pharmacy efficiency

From the 21st century smoke oil to the KIAN series, “Love Vape Road Weip” to veterans Identity into the domestic e-cigarette market

Project Name: Boss Cloud School

In one sentence: Online educational tools

Berso Cloud School was founded in April 2012 and is a professional, easy-to-use, and secure online education tool. Its products support online interactive live broadcast, recording and broadcasting classes, online Q&A, online job correction, online shopping malls, teaching and research preparation, and other functions, running through the entire process of teaching services (before, during, after class), helping educational institutions to achieve online and offline Combined teaching