If you compare Apple Music’s “Out Now” to a club that is entering, then we can see that the most popular singers like Drake, Taylor Swift, Beyoce will be at the top of the team. The team is on the streets, and the new singers will obviously be at the end of the team.

In addition to the work on the artificial lyrics team, the foreign media Wired interview with the current person in charge of Apple Music Some Apple Music’s development direction next year.

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Beats 1 is a music radio station that Apple founded in 2015. It can be accessed at any time via iTunes and Apple Music. The creative director of Beats 1 and now DJ Zane Lowe, head of global artist relations at Apple Music, is working at Beats 1 In this club, a free-form radio broadcast creates a “club” for these musicians.

From the previous Jimmy Iovine (producer and Beats Electronics co-founder) to the current head of Apple Music, Oliver Schusser, the development of Beats 1 has grown in four years, whenever Nicki Minaj (China) When she is on the Queen Show, she will climb to the top of the Twitter trend.

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However, there are still many people who are not aware of Apple’s efforts in radio music. Some people are “trapped” in the list of convenient music provided by Spotify’s excellent algorithms. Although Zane Lowe may have the contact of the most popular musicians in the music market, Spotify is still the most popular music streaming service in Europe. As of June this year, Spotify’s monthly active users in Europe reached 83.5 million, and the number of paid users worldwide exceeded 100 million, with monthly users reaching 217 million. Apple Music is growing rapidly in the United States, reaching 60 million users, but still at a disadvantage compared to Spotify.

So, what is Apple Music going to do next to reverse these disadvantages?

First of all, Apple has not announced the exact number of monthly listeners on Beats 1 radio station, but only vaguely said that there are “tens of millions”, and now one of Zane Lowe’s top priorities is to merge the two contents of Apple Music: Spotify streaming music service and Beats 1 music radio broadcast.

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In specific work, they will first reshape some of the most popular playlists on Apple Music. The team has been developing features in this area for the past 6 to 12 months, such as “A- List Hip Hop became “Agenda” in the UK and “Rap Life” in the US, and is ready to do more exclusive programs around these popular playlists.

Interestingly, beats 1 found that the process of tapping musicians to create music is a great opportunity to reap fans. Vampire Weekend lead singer Ezra Koenig talks about the new album Father of the Bride twice a month. The discussion behind the scenes is something that fans love very much.

Apple also hopes to launch more live shows, but Spotify is now more aggressive, and they have built live shows based on some of the top playlists, such as the Who We Be music festival in partnership with Live Nation. Apple suspended the live performance of the iTunes Festival, but they said they would not give up the event.

The pre-add feature allows users to express their interest before the album is released. It turns out that if users pre-add albums to their favorite collections, they are four times more likely to listen to the albums, 1.5 times more likely to listen to the albums, and listen to music for other Apple Music. Four times the user. In short, Apple is trying to get rid of popular playlists, a way to present popular music, and now these popular lists have become the dominant music streaming music.

After iTnues was split, Apple Music is undoubtedly the most important part of Apple’s music, and in the overall backwardness of Spotify, Apple is trying to use a more diversified approach to accelerate the expansion of the user community.

In short, next year’s Apple Music, we can hear more about the Beats 1 radio broadcast, which will bring more content than the album music accident, such as live broadcast, the story behind the album, Apple Music’s playlists will also become more “localized” with a localized flavor.

Source: The Verge