If the society is not afraid of shackles, it will be afraid of stability.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “entrepreneurs” (ID: chuangyejia ), author Xu Xiaohui, CMO before the daily fresh; authorized to release.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

CMO Xu Xiaohui before the daily service

The marketing environment has changed dramatically

Tom Peters, author of “The Pursuit of Excellence,” said, “Reminiscent of the past is meaningless, and the long-standing stability that we have long believed is gone.”

The consumption environment has changed dramatically in the past two years, and “constant things” are hard to find. After being empowered by Internet tools, users become “universal users” and can watch the world’s events while sitting on the sofa. In terms of consumption, the supply of unprecedented affluence makes consumers lack loyalty to the brand. Users no longer rely too much on past experience in their consumption decisions, but instead pursue the “absolute value” of the product (the user’s experience of using a product or enjoying a service).

In the propagation model, the original communicator needs to experience the linear propagation process from the early adopter-early user-herd effect- laggard. For example, the early adopters of the iPad were old people and children who could not type. The original bookstore of the creative bookstore, the Japanese squatter bookstore, was originally set up for the retired old people, and later became the popular punching place… However, today’s communication model is big. Some scenes will fail.

The current communication environment is in a “common time” state, and any group can obtain information at the same time, and marketing does not have to cross the “gap.” Now even a user who is strange to Xiaomi, he can quickly understand the characteristics and reputation of Xiaomi products through Baidu, Xiaohongshu and Weibo.

In such an unstable environment, how companies do marketing is especially important.

Create a marketing “consensus”

In the enterprise, first need to establish a consensus on marketing value. Only there is a consensus on the mind, and there will be resonance in action.

From marketingIn actual combat, why is Costco likely to be cool?

In the new marketing environment, I combined my fifteen years of marketing experience to extract a “POEM” model:

(1)Environment is the external environment, including the competitive environment and user insights;

(2)Prior is personal perception and can be split into four P: the iron needs to be hard, and how the user views the product, the most important depends on the quality of the product itself, followed by the price of the product (Price ), get the Place and Promotion to perceive the product.

(3) Others is the evaluation of others, mainly including word of mouth and growth.

(4)Marketers is corporate marketing, including Social (social media), PR (corporate public relations), BD (business development) and other methods.

Specific analysis:

1. In an external environment, we need to clarify the competitive environment and insight into the user’s logic.

Based on the case study, Costco of the current fire can really survive in China?

From a competitive perspective, Chinese entrepreneurs have now entered the market with a 30-minute contract delivery with sufficient endurance and resources. Costco needs to face competition from companies such as Box Horse and Daily Fresh.

From the user’s point of view, Enterprises need to find the user’s fear and love. When users buy products online for half an hour and can deliver them, and they are full of 0 yuan without thresholds and all kinds of full reduction activities, it is not realistic for users to go to Costco to keep large consumer goods at home. .

So, I think Costco may be cool in China.

2, in the personal perception of the user, the core of the company’s marketing is to have “strength”

From a marketing point of view, why is Costco likely to be cool?

The ideal marketing intensity in my eyes is to multiply the idea that I am thinking of today by ten. Marketing onlyHave enough strength to have a reputation. We analyze from some quality marketing cases:

The “high-value” boat song dumplings became the explosion of the store;

Single-dog food chips for singles, with annual sales of several hundred million yuan;

Chuzhou Laojiao Perfume, Carlsberg Shampoo, Zhong Xuegao and Luzhou Laojiao launched the cross-border marketing of “the popsicles on the head” and caused widespread discussion among the public;

The new online red drink “burning tea” is produced by a game team gene. After they found the word “burning” after the new media big data, they promoted the products to the offline channels, and which products were sold by pre-testing which products were better sold;

After entering the Beijing market, Xicha launched “Sweet Gourd Milk Tea” and “Smashing Bread” according to local conditions, and launched a stinky tofu dessert in Changsha;

Hai Dianyu continues to explore the ultimate in services such as holding children, guessing games, and dancing with customers;

One Lan Ramen, the main one-person food, was popular, and the store opened from Japan to the United States;


From a marketing point of view, why is Costco likely to be cool?

Either the product or service of the company, we must strive to explore the communication point of marketing from the aspects of design, concept, service and technology.

3, there is growth in fame and fortune

Companies must know what the user is saying. The logic of enterprise building word-of-mouth is: First, you need to find the “Talkers” of word-of-mouth communication, that is, the communicator, and at the same time determine “topics” and “tools”, such as using small red books or Weibo to understand what users are saying.

The founder of Nicha, Nie Yunzhen, will look at the user comments in the public comment every day to see what the user has expressed. This is the starting point for companies to understand user needs and preferences, and the starting point for marketing.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

The core of corporate reputation is “achievement users”, which makes users feel great. For example, when consumers share photos of drinking tea on social networks, they actually show their own selfies. Companies must let users think of themselves as a prop, rather than taking themselves too seriously.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

When a company gains reputation through marketing, to achieve high growth, it is necessary to find ways to help companies or projects with low-cost drainage and social innovation. Social fission is a good way.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

The core of social fission needs to be centered around “welfare,” and only welfare can give users the power to share. However, when a company distributes benefits, it must consider both the user’s design and the user’s interests. Only by letting the user “fame and fortune” can detonate social fission. It is worth noting that giving benefits to users should not be too direct. Nowadays, many marketing methods are realized through gamified gameplay, letting users think that “welfare” is a reward that they have earned through hard work.

The current fission gameplay includes relay red packets, sweepstakes, group fights, development games, and bonus pools. These gameplays are actually layered “plus vest” on the underlying basis of the user’s fame and fortune, making gamification packaging.

The core cost of the enterprise is not how much it costs and how much it earns at the moment, but the total contribution in the user life cycle is greater than the cost of the first new cost. When doing social fission, there is a need for consensus within the company. In this regard, my suggestion is that companies can try to publicize the daily growth dashboard to help the employee system understand the business logic, rather than just looking at the local, let everyone see the value they bear in the entire interest chain. And the role, which is conducive to the optimization of the overall decision.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

At the moment, private domain traffic is a basic skill that every business has to do. In the current supply of unprecedented wealth, if the company does not feel the presence in front of the user, the user will easily lose. With private domain traffic, businesses can reach users at low or no cost. User operations can be very uneconomical if you don’t take control of your third party forever. At present, enterprises can operate their private domain traffic through personal number operation, public number operation, group management, small program operation and traffic pool operation management.

4. In corporate marketing, there is content to spread.

In terms of marketing methods, companies can quickly gain visibility through “saturation strikes”, such as through the promotion of Focus Media. But in terms of content, companies rely on “absolute value” to market, not concept.

Take the melon car as an example. At first, regardless of the user’s needs, or whether the mode is 2B or 2C, go to market a differentiated position – to the middlemen. However, after doing the B2B business, it was found that the “go to the middlemen” was not reliable. Recently, the new spokesperson of the melon sub-car, Lei Jiayin, has also been updated from “going to the middleman” to “where the price is low, help you buy it”.

In content marketing, Durex is a good player. The production mechanism of their marketing ideas is to interact with the time and environment, set up a group of 11 people, 4 people per day PK ideas, and finally choose an optimal idea for external communication.

When companies are doing marketing, they must stand in the user’s perspective and use the content to “plant grass.” For example, Xibeiyu Noodle Village is constantly broadcast live through beautiful waiters. Xiaomi House requires all store managers to play with the team to create a culture of playing with the users.

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

Daily Youxian has done a wave of landmark-based communication. For example, Beijing’s Dashanzi is very blocked. Everyday, it’s very popular. “The rhythm of Dashanzi is very slow, my body is very fat, but Fortunately, we all like what we like, and “send a few strings of small waist, drink a few glasses of wine, and can’t find the direction of going home in the unknown Wangjing street.”

From a marketing perspective, why is Costco likely to be cool?

It’s worth noting that brands must have some “squats” in marketing, and they should be good at catching slot marketing, not too serious. For example, a successful promotion copy written by an English word app – “Why didn’t you come back to the word? I am paying for your mobile phone or charging your mobile phone. Why don’t you?” Come?”

For the brand side, to use deconstruction, “small work and love” can not be too much. If the marketing of the company is right, the user can’t challenge, there is no motivation to interact.

In addition, companies need to recognize that they want to be a group brand rather than a brand. What users love is a way of life, not just a category. At present, the sales around Starbucks also account for 10% of the total sales. Xicha also set up a cultural and creative company to make the brand around.

Thus, When companies are marketing, it’s necessary to export a variety of content, to reach the target users through more scenarios and longer life cycles.

“I am afraid of stability without fear”

Zeng Guofan emphasized a “stable” word in the war, good at “hardening the village, and staying stunned”, emphasizing that “the thief yells at me and does not shout, the thief shoots me and does not shoot. When the thief comes to rush, he rushes once. I can’t stand still; if I pounce twice, I can’t stand still; when it’s stable for two hours, it’s a big victory.”

Feng Tang commented in the book “The Incident” that there are only two words in the life of Zeng Guofan. As long as one thing can be done, what means I don’t care, so I got the nickname “I have been shaved.”

The society is not afraid of shackles, it is afraid of stability. In marketing, enterprise systematization and stable output are of great significance.