Expensive flow, high turnover rate, eager to break through the bottleneck? In 21 days, build a membership system of “sustainable growth”.

When traffic is getting more expensive and user churn is getting higher and higher, how to improve the stickiness of members and cultivate loyal users has become more and more concerned about big companies and small companies.

In the context of stagnant growth or even negative growth in the Shangchao industry, Costco charges a membership fee of 3.2 billion yuan a year for its paid membership system, which has increased its market value by five times over the past 10 years. On August 27th, Costco opened its first store in mainland China in Minhang, Shanghai. It was forced to suspend business due to the full flow of passengers in just 5 hours and took current restrictions. In just two or three days of opening, 100,000 people have applied for a Costco paid membership card. What is the logic behind Costco’s paid membership? Can our company replicate?

Reviewing domestic companies, Alibaba’s 88VIP is defined as “No. 1 Project”, covering more than 600 million users of the EMI, more than 500 million users of Alibaba Entertainment; Jingdong will build 10 million paid members with Jingdong Plus members; New also launched a family-wide exclusive card, easily sitting on 7 million paid members. Whether it is tens of billions of companies or millions of companies, they have begun to try to launch their own membership system, but most of the corporate membership systems are not active, and even we have seen many in the name of discounted payment membership cards. Selling stored value cards, package cards, and changing the soup.

Who should I learn from so many successful cases? After the membership system is established, how can I operate to improve user stickiness and guarantee the renewal rate?

1. Is the user God?

Why do you want to be a member system? Let’s first look at a classic business phrase: “User is God.”

But do you know who your “God” is? Where do they live? What did they buy with you? When did you buy it, where did you buy it? When will I come back next time? If you haven’t been here for a long time, do you know? Do you have a way to take effective action?

If these questions can’t be answered, then is the company really treating the user as God and just talking about it?

So, we must understand “God”, how can we understand? The key is data.

Copyable Costco paid membership

2.Member = User with data

Members = users with data, so members with data are members. When we get new users, we must