Our attitude towards nutrition will have an impact on the world.

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Editor’s note: For a long time, we have made a dichotomy mistake in the field of understanding: healthy food is not good, and good food is not healthy. This view is actually ridiculous, and we artificially created this concept. People like to eat good food, which is one of the joys of life. So, if you can combine taste, happiness, health and environmental protection, then you have really done something that is unacceptable. The article is translated from medium, article author Ashley Abramson, the original title The Secret to Better Health May Be Eating Delicious Food.

New Discovery in Nutrition: Good food may be the healthiest

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Forty years ago, Christopher Gardner, a philosophical undergraduate in northern New York, told people that he was a vegetarian when he was tired of asking people how to get enough protein. He dreams of opening his own vegetarian restaurant, but he must first make sure he understands nutrition. He said: “So I went to get a master’s degree in nutrition science, and later got a doctorate. Then I worked as a faculty member at Stanford University and received millions of dollars from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For randomized controlled trials on nutrition.”

Gardner has been working in the field of nutrition for 20 years. Over the years, his research has confirmed the same thing, that is, to be healthier, people should eat more vegetables and eat less red meat and processed foods. However, these studies have not brought much change in people’s nutritional knowledge. He said: “I attended a medical conference and shared the results of the research. I found that people still eat lollipops while listening to me.”

He realized that the problem is not that people don’t know which foods are healthier, they just don’t want to eat, because people want something better. Gardner’s recent research focus is on creating a new nutrition framework that does not guarantee health at the expense of taste or the environment.

He called his method “invisible