As its name, the Galaxy Watch Active, the watch collection is based on Galaxy Watch, but it is different from this.

Compared to the orthodox Galaxy Watch, the biggest feature of the Active series is the lack of a rotatable bezel, which is a bit more attractive.

Some people say that there is no rotatable bezel, which is equivalent to no soul, and even it should not be named Galaxy Watch.

But some people think that the value of justice is just worth it.

In the face of people who hold two different perspectives, Samsung has not chosen which side to favor, but has come up with a follow-up product that will satisfy everyone: Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Appearance: The road to simplicity and freshness goes to the end

Simple and fresh is the key word of the first generation Galaxy Watch Active. In the second generation, it is still.

The dial is still round, and the outer shell is made of matte aluminum. There are two buttons on the side of the fuselage, which are the return button and H.Ome key.

The strap is made of silicone and the surface is also coated with a skin-like coating. So even if it is still sunny in October, let you take a two-step road to Guangzhou, wearing it, I will not feel sultry and stuffy.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available in two sizes, one for 40mm and the other for 44mm. The screens for the two sizes are 1.2 inches and 1.4 inches. The screen pixels of both dial sizes are 360*360, which means that the small dial will be selected, and the screen display will be relatively finer.

I never agree that the table must be round, but at least not missing one. Fortunately, most of the products with round dials are now complete circular display areas. This looks really a lot more refined.

However, most of the refined conclusions are drawn without discussing the thickness of the border. Galaxy Watch Active 2 is no exception.

The 3mm-out frame is a bit “rough” on the phone, not to mention on a wrist device.

So once the watch is bright, the sense of exquisiteness of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be slightly reduced. Especially under the non-black background color, it is harder to ignore the existence of this border.

It is also worth mentioning that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also equipped with a screen always on function. When turned on, even in the non-lifting state, the dial will display the time, but in order to save power, the dial and animation will be deleted, leaving only the beating number or three pointers.

Recover interesting souls in good-looking skins

For a cleaner, fresher look, Samsung eliminated the Galaxy Watch’s iconic bezel in the first-generation Galaxy Watch Active.

This design change has attracted a lot of controversy. Some people think that for the appearance, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, smart watches do have certain fashion attributes. On the other hand, some people think that cutting the bezel is equivalent to losing the soul of Galaxy Watch.

In the second generation, Samsung thought of the best of both worlds. It is to integrate the touch function in the frame under the premise of the same appearance.

On the Galaxy Watch, you can touch the border of the watch and then slide it clockwise or counterclockwise to scroll through applications, switch tasks, and more. This way of interacting is like the touch disc on the iPod.

How is the actual experience?

First of all, the response is still very fast. Put your finger on the border, and as soon as the finger starts to slide along the border, the system can immediately recognize your intention and perform the corresponding operation.

SecondThe extent of the hand. I want to slowly slide one by one, no problem.

Want to swipe quickly, there is no problem in pulling it in the end.

When you start using it, you may be sliding too fast, and you will pass the application you originally wanted. But in fact, as long as you are familiar with its speed and rhythm, you can easily grasp the usage of this analog bezel.

And its learning cost is probably five or six times, and it takes two or three minutes.

Last talk about its feedback.

When you slide the bezel, the watch will give you feedback by vibration. Although it can’t be compared to a real mechanical rotating dial, the vibration on this Galaxy Watch Active 2 guarantees clear feedback on your operation, whether it’s response speed or vibration.

Samsung Fei Zhouzhang brought back the bezel that had disappeared in a generation, because it is really a good design.

Since the development of smart watches, various systems have become more and more perfect, and various applications have become more and more abundant. But not read in the interaction, many products still use the above set of slides and taps on the smartphone.

In order to make the user more convenient to operate on this screen less than two inches, in fact, the hardware manufacturers are trying their best.

Google wants you to operate your watch with your finger.

Too many gestures are afraid to remember? Google also has this more intuitive, less expensive learning algorithm for the space-saving gesture Project Soli.

Even Samsung actually has a patent called SkinTrack that will help you zoom in on the operating area from the one-inch screen to the entire arm.

Unfortunately, these are still in the patent stage, and there is still a period of time from the amount of stuff in the watch.

So back to reality, there are two smart watch interaction designs on the market that I think are doing well. One is the digital watch of Apple Watch, and the other is the rotating bezel on Galaxy Watch. Both designs combine human interaction with the traditional form of the watch.

But compared to the two, I actually prefer the latter for two reasons.

First of all, the first dial is a bit more relaxed than twisting the crown.

The second is that in traditional watches, the bezel is also used more frequently and more abundantly than the crown.

For example, a one-way rotating bezel is used to help the diver record the remaining time available for the oxygen cylinder; in a GMT watch (dual time zone watch) the bezel can be used to display the second time zone; two-way rotation in the racing watch The bezel can be used to record the lap time, and even in some special models can help doctors record the patient’s pulse.

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And now, although many smart watches do not have the appearance of the following elements, most of them are just to make smart watches more like the well-known watches, only play a decorative role. And Samsung, the real way to make the bezel in the era of smart watches, has the meaning of this era.

Go back to Galaxy Watch Active 2. As the article begins with, smart watches and smart phones are not the same, smart watches will have a more intense fashion attributes, more attention to match.

If you let the Galaxy Watch Active 2 on the fresh route put a layer of bezel, it feels like a little girl with a clean and well-dressed face, which is very dissonant.

And how to find a fun soul without changing the look of the skin? Galaxy Watch Active 2 gave a good demonstration this time.

The personal trainer on the wrist unlocks more poses

Like most smart watches, Galaxy Watch Active 2’s main feature is sports and health tracking.

In the fitness function, Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers a variety of sports modes for users to choose from, the most common of which are running, swimming and cycling. This time Samsung has also added more detailed gymnastics exercises, even Pilates, supine presses, rowing machines, steppers can be found inside.

In the fitness, the watch will not only record the pace, heart rate, calorie consumption, and trajectory, but also provide you with voice guidance.

In addition, the watch is equipped with a speaker. In fact, in the indoor static test, I feel that the speaker sound is quite large, and it can be heard clearly without being adjusted to the maximum.

But once it’s moving, wind noise plus ambient noise, even if you turn the volume to the maximum, there will only be three words floating in your mind:


So if you need this personal trainer, give it a Bluetooth headset.

In addition, Samsung has added more advanced accelerometers to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to more accurately detect and record motion data. Can also actively identify if you are exercising. For example, when I am walking, it will automatically recognize it and start recording.

With the ECG sensor, but the ECG has to wait for more time to use

In addition to upgrading the acceleration sensor, Samsung has added an ECG sensor to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, the ECG function on Apple Watch is the same as in China, and it needs to be approved before it can be opened.

Testing heart rateIn the energy, we also found that the electrocardiogram was indeed displayed on the screen, and the other hand touched the chest to test it briefly. It was found that the electrocardiogram displayed was exactly the same as the beating of the heart.

But it may be because the function has not been fully opened, so the ECG image is not included in the final measurement result. Users who have a need for this can only wait for good news.

Power: If you have sports needs, you will have to charge one day.

Many users are very concerned about the life of smart watches.

As for me, I am a person with severe electrical anxiety, but for me, the power of the watch is no longer in need of concern.

Because there is no need for sleep monitoring. So when I get home from work every day, I will pick up the watch, put it on the charger, and then go out the next day. So the power of the watch can support the use of the day, I think it is enough.

When you experience this watch, the sound mode is adjusted to vibrate, the screen is always on, the notification push is turned on, the heart rate is tested twice a day, and the breathing training is performed once. At this most common use intensity, 58% of the electricity returned home after 12 hours of wearing.

Strictly speaking, this watch can support two charges a day. But note that this is in the absence of exercise. In the actual test, if you run a workout, you can consume 17% of electricity in about an hour.

So if you use Galaxy Watch Active 2, you can still put it on the charger after you get back home.

Summary: Even for the sake of value, there is no need to compromise this time

In Western countries, watches, pens, and lighters were once considered to be three pieces of equipment necessary for adult men.

In the 1970s, watches, bicycles, and sewing machines were also the “three big pieces” necessary for marriage at that time.

After more than two hundred years of history, the meaning of watches has evolved from simple timing tools to many things, including personal tastes, aesthetics, and even a lot of special meanings.

In the era of smart watches, my channel is the same.

In the evaluation of Galaxy Watch Active, I once said that in order to value, it is worthwhile to compromise on functionality.

And in its second generation, Samsung finally brought back the compromise.

People are greedy, even if you can’t think about it, then you can think about it.

After all, who doesn’t want a good-looking skin and a fun soul?