A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Editor’s note: Many of us have our own plans. We want to achieve it for the rest of our lives. It can be a trip. It can be a book. It can be to see people we want to see, etc. Wait. But how many of us really do these things? I don’t think so much. Many people lack a point: execution. Although this article gives five tips, such as first action, must insist, cherish time, etc., but only with the execution, they can really play a role. This article is translated from medium, article author Joseph Mavericks, original title How To Do Things Above Average.

How do I get things

Changing your life needs to start with a change in mindset. But you don’t have to think about it now. For example, if you want to achieve a small goal now, you can either write a book or open a blog.

In fact, the correct way is to start directly, because it is much easier to start directly than to change your mind. In fact, you can try the following two ways:

Start with a shift in mindset and then step through. This road to progress is quite long. First, you must define a number of variables needed for success: such as your goals, your values, the actual goals you change…

Try to execute first, then consider changing your mindset. You can “pretend to succeed until you are truly successful.” In a way, you can think about why you should do this, after all, you can start by directly executing the goal.

This article discusses the second way – from the beginning of execution, step by step to achieve a change in mindset.

1 Start again

Most people don’t even have a goal. A quite practical rule of thumb in life is to talk more and do more. So instead of talking about how many things you plan to do, choose one of them and start working on the ground.

Choose one thing, remember, you can only choose one, and you are more likely to succeed. Trying to do 10 things at the same time is no different from doing nothing. Too many choices will make you feel dizzy and you won’t be able to start doing anything.

So choose one thing and make up your mind to do it.

Don’t pick the time, don’tHave to sit and wait. Pick a day when you have time, just start this weekend, for example this weekend. Use this time to start what you want to do. After a try, you will find that it is not so bad, you may not believe that you are really doing it. You may even have a sense of mission.

2 must be consistent

This is why most people fail to succeed—because they choose to give up. They did start, but they stopped after a few trials.

There is an experience that can be said to be in any professional field: the longer the time, the more people give up.

How do I get things

I know that there is always an adjustment period that needs to be adapted. But if you only try for a week or even a month, then you may not be qualified to say anything too hard. You can make a plan, every day, every two days, every three days – at least twice a week related to your goals, do not do it for two consecutive days. Every day, when you know that you have made arrangements for it, just bite your teeth and do it.

3 If you encounter difficulties, stick to it

You may have a few days in your brain.

You may be tired.

You may have a time when you are not in the state.

Okay, all sorts of difficulties, not just one.

The days are the bottom of life. They are an integral part of achieving any goal. During this time, you have to tell yourself that most people give up at this time, and you have to grit your teeth.

So the area is where you have encountered all kinds of difficulties, but also insist. Through continuous execution, you develop the habit of going to work anyway. This is a good mental skill.

How do I get things

What we have done over and over has created us. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.

——Will Durant

4 Don’t waste time

Human beings are not machines, we need free time. But learning to distinguish between healthy rest and wasted time is also important.

Wasting time is a waste of time, and these times don’t give you positive results. The waste of time is actually easy to notice because we all know what is wasting time. Although we react differently to it, from the bottom of our hearts we all know that we are wasting our time and feel guilty about it.

The following are typical examples of wasted time:

  • Youtube

  • Netflix

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • and no useful news

And when you are at a healthy break, you won’t feel guilty about how you use your time. It will let you relax, but it won’t make you feel sad inside. It will produce positive results.

These are typical examples of healthy rest:

  • Just drink coffee and do nothing else

  • Reading

  • Workout

  • Make yourself or your family

Then you must ask, how can you change from a waste of time to a healthy break?

Learn to say “no” is the first step to getting a healthier rest.

  • Say “No” to the network. Do you really need to know something new on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat? Think about it, how can you know this? Why do you care about those things? Do you think this is a healthy or unhealthy habit?

  • Say “No” to others. Many people always come to us, some want to get a job from you, some want to go out to play with you… This should not be seen as a negative thing, but it is definitely a matter that needs careful consideration. If you learn not to say “no” to others, you will always be surrounded by all kinds of troubles. So think about it, do you really want to go out and play together after work? Have you already played it two days ago? Do you still remember the goals you set?

  • Say “no” to other disturbances. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to prioritize and chooseMost need your attention. In fact, 75% of the things you encounter every day may not be as important. This is one of the benefits of living in the digital world. In fact, you only need to concentrate on the remaining 25%.

Things that can be ignored and disabled:

  • Most emails, text messages, and online information

  • Most Phones

  • Notification

The difference between a successful person and a truly successful person is that a truly successful person can say no to almost everything.

——Warren Buffet

5 Don’t be self-proclaimed

There is a difference between self-styled and wasted time. Self-defeating means that your goals are actually performing and progressing well, and you are being “trapped” in the direction of your direction.

A large number of people who successfully achieve their goals will fall into the trap of being self-styled. This has to be said to be a pity, because it takes a lot of work to reach this level, so why not have a clear understanding of yourself?

Don’t fall into the satisfaction of your current state, whether you’re step by step or intend to speed things up in a longer period of time.

Even if you are on the right track, if you just stand there and you won’t move, you will eventually catch up with others.

Continue to work hard before you lose motivation, or if you achieve a goal, then change another goal. Constantly come up with new ideas. Don’t be self-sufficient and keep improving.

Knowledge is difficult

Okay, the core of these techniques is actually very simple. But they all have one thing in common, making it very difficult for most people: they all need execution. So every day you need to find a way to create a virtuous circle for yourself, while using these 5 techniques.

To develop habits requires training and input, but it is worth it. There is only one life, and there must be achievements.

Translator: Xitang