The golden decade of the new brand has started.

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Dialogue map investment Pan Pan: the investment in the snow and the new brand era behind

Title map: Tian Pan Investment Management Partner Pan Pan

The smoke is filled with smoke, and the new tea is on the battlefield. The head players represented by Nai Xue’s tea (hereinafter referred to as “Nai Xue”) and Xicha are constantly being sought after by the capital. Why have they been seen in the past? Street shops, low-cost, light-operated, weak-brand teas are becoming a big business? Can the new tea drink track be born “the next Starbucks”? What are the barriers to competition for the new tea brand? What are the trends and opportunities in the current consumer market?

A few days ago, the catcher found Pan Pan, the investment management partner of Tiantu, who talked in depth. He led the three rounds of Nai Xue, making Tiantu Investment the only institutional investor in Nai Xue. This time, Pan Pan repeated the entire process of investing in Nai Xue and shared many insights on the current consumer market.


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1, Invest in Nai Xue

Li Wei: How did you think about investing in the new tea market?

Pan Pan: Our fund focuses on large-scale consumption. There is a research team dedicated to researching drinks. At the time, I did a lot of research and saw many companies. At first, I actually looked at coffee. I didn’t particularly appreciate it after reading a lot.

First of all, a lot of coffee is not differentiated enough to trap a group of special core consumers, it is difficult to choose a head company; secondly, there is no WeChat at that time, so the model innovation is not enough; finally, although many coffee brands claim to be themselves The product has made a lot of innovations, but consumers can’t perceive it, which is equivalent to no innovation.

Lowerly, we paid attention to tea from the perspective of beverage extension. We also investigated the first batch of milk tea brands like Gongcha, CoCo, and a little bit. We found that the business conditions are very good, and the founders do not want to raise funds. Let us think that this direction will be good.

At the same time, we also saw a lot of questions.