The compensation for the departure of the job took nearly one hundred million.

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Remember that last year’s “father of Android” Andy Rubin left her job because of sexual harassment of female employees, and got $90 million in resignation compensation? Recently, foreign media has also revealed that in May this year, Rubin quietly left the venture capital company he founded and received a $9 million resignation compensation, but it does not feel like a deja vu? To New Wisdom AI circle of friendsTalk about your views on this matter~

Sexual harassment of female employees can still get nearly 100 million off-duty compensation. Is there such an operation?

Yes, who makes people home “the father of Android”?

Last year, foreign media revealed that Andy Rubin, the father of Android and then senior vice president of Google, left the company because of sexual harassment of female employees, and received Google’s $90 million in compensation.

Recently, foreign media has also revealed that in May this year, Rubin quietly left the venture capital company Playground Global, which he founded, and received a $9 million resignation compensation. Although the specific reason for Rubin’s departure is not clear, but is it not Deja Vu? What is the tangled thing?

Andy Rubin

The venture capital company that he founded himself has received $9 million in compensation, and he has lost $90 million before leaving Google

According to BuzzFeed News, Andy Rubin left Playground Global in May and received a lot of compensation. According to informed sources, the compensation exceeded $9 million. According to BuzzFeed’s internal files obtained from Playground Global:

Since May 31, 2019, Playground Global terminated its business relationship with Andy Rubin. Although Rubin is still a good friend of Playground, he no longer has any financial interest in Playground Global or related funds or assumes any current position.

Playground Global Inside

Rubin co-founded Playground Global in 2015 with Peter Barrett, Matt Hershenson and Bruce Leak. This is a technology incubator company that provides resources, guidance and funding for start-ups that manufacture hardware devices, especially start-ups that help advance the development of artificial intelligence, and invest in companies including Owl Labs.

Although Rubin left the Playground a few months ago, although the exact reason for his departure is still unclear, it is inevitable that the resignation of this resignation will be reminiscent of his previous departure from Google.

Last year, according to The New York Times, Andy Rubin, known as the “father of Android”, was sexually assaulted a female employee in 2013. After the investigation, Google let Rubin leave.

When Rubin left Google, Larry Page also gave him a high rating: With Android, Rubin created something terrific – with more than one billion happy users.

Even more incredible is that Rubin received $90 million in compensation from Google’s departure, paid monthly, $2 million per month, and was paid in November last year.

Now, because of Rubin’s business, someone has asked Larry Page to resign from Google.

Sexual harassment of female employees in 2013, Rubin denied: all ex-wife!

Rubin joined Google in 2005 when Google bought his startup, Android, for $50 million. In the next few years, he helped Google build up 80% of the world’s smartphones now using Android, so Rubin is also known as the “father of Android.”

Andy Rubin

In 2013, Rubin had an extramarital affair. He met a female colleague from the Android department. Insiders said that the two started dating in 2012. By 2013, the female colleague worried that the relationship with Rubin would affect her career and therefore wanted to end.

In March of that year, she agreed to meet Rubin at a hotel. The female colleague said that Rubin put pressure on her in the hotel to force her to “oral sex.”

After this incident, the two ended the relationship.

After an internal investigation by Google, Larry Page believes that Rubin needs to leave the company, but Google still gave him $90 million in compensation for his departure, 2 million per month, and the last $2 million of the agreement will be Payment will be completed next month.

What is puzzling is that in the initial survey of Rubin in 2014, Google provided Rubin with a “$150 million stock bonus” to allow Rubin to switch from Android to the robotics department and stay with Google. Brought him tremendous financial incentives.

The New York Times commented that it is unclear whether Page and the Google’s leadership committee were aware of Rubin’s allegations of misconduct when approving the huge grant.

However, in response to a statement in the New York Times, Rubin said: “The New York Times report contains a lot of inaccuracies about my work at Google and the exaggeration of my reward. In this way, I have never forced a woman to make love in a hotel room. These false accusations are that my ex-wife has degraded me in the divorce and custody struggle.”

Google responds: The story of The New York Times is hard to understand

In 2011, Rubin was appointed Senior Vice President of Google and began earning approximately $20 million in annual salary, bonus and stock compensation. In 2012, Google also provided Rubin with $14 million to buy Japanese beach properties. According to people familiar with the matter, the interest rate on this loan is less than 1%.

In 2013, when Android was integrated with its Chrome division, Rubin was at a disadvantage, but it was still an important figure in the company. In that year, Google provided Rubin with a one-time bonus of $40 million and an additional $72 million in stock over the next two years.

Laubin later established a robotics division called Replicant within Google. In the six months of 2013, he spent about $90 million to buy eight robotics companies.

In the New York Times, this blockbuster broke out.Afterwards, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Eileen Naughton, vice president of human resources operations, signed an internal letter to Google employees in response:

Hello everyone.

The story of the New York Times today is hard to understand.

We have always been very serious about ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees. We assure you that we will review every complaint about sexual harassment or misconduct, investigate and take action.

In recent years, we have made some changes, including an increasingly tough stance on managerial misconduct: In the past two years, 48 ​​people have been expelled for sexual harassment, 13 of whom are senior Above the management staff. None of these people received compensation for separation.

In 2015, we launched Respect@ and our annual internal survey report to increase the transparency of such surveys on Google. Because we know that reporting harassment may pose a threat to whistleblowers, we provide a confidential channel to share any misconduct you encounter or see. We support and respect those who have already spoken. You can find a lot of ways to do this on go/sayomething. If you prefer, you can report it anonymously.

We also updated our policy to require all vice presidents and senior vice presidents to disclose any relationship with colleagues, whether in reporting or conflicting relationships.

We are committed to ensuring that Google is a workplace where you can do your job with confidence, at the best possible level, and with serious consequences for those who are misbehaving.

Sundar and Eileen

Andy Rubin, why is it so controversial, but every time I leave, I take so much money?

In the book “Apple vs. Google World Fight”, Fred Vogelstein once mentioned Steve Jobs’s evaluation of Rubin “a super arrogant madness”, which can be said from Jobs’ mouth, which shows the weight of Rubin. .

Steve Jobs may be Rubin’s biggest black powder, criticizing Rubin’s dressing and matching, hair styling all plagiarizing himself, is a “cottage Jobs” (I know who you thought when you heard this sentence).

Andy Rubin, who is called “cottage Jobs” by Jobs

As the founder of the most used mobile operating system, Rubin has always been controversial. Some people think that they are smart and genius, while others think that they are arrogant and arrogant.

Rubin was born in New York in 1963, graduated from Utica College, a private college in New York, and Andy Rubin became one of the few star alumni of the school.

After graduation, he entered the Carl Zeiss company. This is a company that once represented the world’s top optical instruments, and the lenses produced are widely respected. In 1989, he took in a boy who was driven out by his girlfriend, and then the boy directly recommended Rubin to Apple.

In Apple, it completely inspired his geek talent. In order to rectify the IT department that contradicted him, the direct modification of Apple’s internal telephone system led to Apple employees receiving calls from John Scully, then Apple CEO, to inform them of special rewards.

After entering Apple, Rubin’s career changed radically and he became attached to the smartphone operating system. As early as 1990, Rubin developed a smart phone operating system Magic Cap, but the hardware technology at that time was not enough to carry such advanced software products.

In 1999, Rubin founded Danger, launched the T-Mobile Sidekick smartphone, and joined the prototype of the App Store. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

2003 was an extraordinary year. Rubin left Danger and started developing Android. Android hosts the ambition to be a “mobile platform open to all software developers.”

At that time, the US mobile phone market was dominated by operators, and Rubin came up with the idea of ​​looking for operators to talk about mobile phone pre-installation. At the time, due to the short-sightedness of the operation of the technology, Rubin hit the wall. But looking back now, perhaps the loss of operators, but the Android is pushed to the future success.

Rubin ran around for Android and finally met Bó Lè: Google founder Larry Page. Keen Page immediately saw the significance of Android. In 2005, Google slid Android revenues for $50 million.

Since this, Google, the Internet software giant, has become the largest mobile operating system provider with Android.

After the exposure of Rubin and Pichai, the sexual assault scandal broke out and was forced to leave.

Rubin left Google, founded Playground Global in 2014, and founded Essential Products in 2015, and recently announced the latest production.Product.

Rubin joined Redpoint Ventures in 2015, and a coffee shop he and his ex-wife founded closed last year.

After the scandal, Rubin lost face and not only escorted Google, but also got a $90 million severance payment; and leaving Playground Global also got $9 million in compensation, adding up to nearly 100 million!

What do you think about the loss of nearly $100 million in compensation for the father of Android?

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