Twitter fell sharply, first because the revenue was less than expected.

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The US president is extremely fond of speaking on social media, especially with Twitter. Just over a year last year, more than 3,000 tweets were released. In addition to the US President’s “blessings” on Twitter, Twitter (TWTR) has been among the top tech stocks in the past two years with an 85% increase. So before this earnings report, investors were very bullish on Twitter, but the results were very different. The charm of the appraisal season is that it is impossible to guess.

1, revenue is less than expected, Twitter advertising business is weak

Twitter fell, first because the revenue was less than expected. Expected 874 million real value of 824 million US dollars, it seems that there are not many, and the year-on-year growth rate looks like a car turned around and turned a big turn.

Trouble to ruling the country

Tweet itself explained many “unfavorable factors”, including product issues and lower-than-expected advertising in July and August. As we all know, Twitter revenue relies on advertising, and the revenue trend of advertising business is highly consistent with the growth trend of total revenue.

Trouble to ruling the country

From the above chart, quarterly advertising revenue was $702 million (consensus: $755.8 million). In terms of figures, the proportion of advertising revenue in this quarter also declined.

Through the ruling of the country

Twitter CFO Ned Segal’s speech on the conference call may be more critical and more conducive to analyzing the impact of advertising problems.

Twitter has been collecting device information from people who should not collect it before.