The market opportunity for the second element has been great.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Fuzhong Finance” (ID: Thecapital), author Zhang Ye.

You don't know the second element

“I don’t know you very much.”

This sentence first appeared in the November B station in November 2015. It is a ridiculous reply from the senior otaku to the “Secondary” concept of the “Meng Er” group. This sentence also extends a lot of “not very understand you XX” series of buzzwords, such as “not very understanding of you humans”, “not very understanding of your primary school students”…

It is not difficult to see that there is a deep understanding gap in the second world.

You don't know the second element

The above is a three-dimensional element, the following is a second element

Every time there are “young people”, young people of every age have different behaviors.

When we talk about the second element, we always habitually think of Cosplay, games, and a bunch of boys and girls talking about special characters and languages ​​that normal people can’t understand. On the street, we occasionally saw the young lady wearing a Loli skirt; in the subway, there are often young people wearing headphones to watch anime videos.

According to ACGwiki, defining “secondary elements” is actually very simple, as long as it is judged whether it conforms to the “mainstream style of Japanese animation”.

And most of the second-dimensional people, in fact, just use these seemingly biased state as a flavoring agent for their real life, adding a touch of color to the mundane and boring daily life, and will not arbitrarily show off, all day long fantasy. This group of young people enjoys the joy of the spiritual world, and after they integrate into life, the “second yuan” will become their independent and individual life values.

The “root” of the second element – the Z generation

Data shows that the number of pan-quaternal users in 2018 has grown to more than 300 million. In terms of age distribution, 90 after 95 and after 00The mainstream in the group, after which 95 is the backbone of the entire group.

8090 is often referred to as the “millennial generation”, while the emerging humans born after 1995 are called “Z generation.”

Z Generation is greatly influenced by technology products such as the Internet, instant messaging, SMS, MP3, smartphones and tablets, and is also known as the “Network Generation/Internet Generation”. According to the census statistics released by the United Nations, the number of “Z generations” in 2019 will exceed that of “millennials”, accounting for 32% of the world’s total population.

As an aboriginal in the Internet age, Generation Z is an Online family active in the forefront of various interest culture communities. They are longing for a sense of belonging and identity, and they are self-contained in a like-minded cultural circle. They are not in the eyes of the public. The population is autistic, but because of the special language system, their communities are in order.

You don't know the second element

According to CBNData data, “Z Generation” usually has five major circle representatives: e-sports circle, second element circle, national wind circle, model playing circle, hard core technology circle. Among them, the “secondary element” should be one of the earliest subcultures.

In the process of globalization context culture communication, the title of Japanese “Otaku”, a virtual epoch culture enthusiast, was gradually accepted by the Chinese audience, and gradually derived from “dead house”, “house man/house girl”, etc. Addressing, however, these words have been given more localized meanings, but also more people who can not be integrated into the sub-circle have posted more derogatory colors. In order to avoid misunderstanding, in recent years, ACGN enthusiasts in China have been more inclined to use “secondary” to refer to their identity.

You don't know the second element< /p>

You don't know the second element< /p>

You don't know the second element

Consumptive “consumption”

Z generation grew up in the era of information explosion, it is easy to screen things that are of interest to them, so their personal preferences are enough to determine the direction of the secondary market.

Z-generation Circle Consumer Report shows that as the main form of secondary consumption, the Z generation in the Cosplay category contributes nearly 40% of sales, among which Mengmeizi is the main force, purchasing nearly 70% of products. Judging from the top six ACG works of 2019 Cat Cosplay orders, Evergreen IP and new hits are all involved. In the e-sports circle, the consumption growth rate of Z-generation female players who purchase equipment is twice that of men; in the model-running circle, the consumption of girls and second-tier cities is close to 50%.

In terms of consumption, the Z generation pays more attention to “spiritual consumption” and this is a great inspiration for the entrepreneurs of the second-generation enterprise.

You don't know the second element

Cheng Haiming, the founder of Yidong Entertainment, said that “all secondary transactions are related to content and are content-driven”.

From animation, movies to explosion games, from station A to all kinds of secondary voicing videos. For a long time, the “second yuan” way of making money has gradually spread from offline to online, from the exhibition to the exhibition. Flash shop and then to the theme restaurant all kinds of forms.

In November 2015, at the Tencent Animation Industry Cooperation Conference, Cheng Wu, the vice president of Tencent Group and CEO of Tencent Pictures, first proposed the concept of “secondary economy” in the industry. Soon after, the major Internet giants deployed one after another, based on the Internet and the mobile Internet, creating a star IP to become a game, film, literature, and various peripheral derivatives, and constantly investing in A station B station and other plus code movies to build a public influence. The consumption pattern of the second metacultural content.

At present, the sub-yuan warehouse, the camel, the Aiman ​​and other e-commerce platforms, specialize in the unique electric goods created by the secondary element enthusiasts, relying on the cartoon characters, hand-made, clothing, publications, etc., annual revenue Can achieve more than 10 million yuan.

Senior anime player Xiaojia told Rongzhong Finance that she has more than 10 sets of Cosplay costumes, each of which ranges from 500-1000 yuan. In addition, there are various types of hands-on, Hatsune Miku, Saint Seiya and other roles. The price is also up to 10,000 yuan.

You don't know the second element

In addition, she also told reporters that “a university roommate is an ‘Azhai’, and all the money earned by the work is bought by the buyer. Earlier, the Royal Three (GSC, ALTER, MAX) just had it in China. Influence, the price of the hand should be above 500.”

With the outbreak of the cultural industry and the rise of the youth subculture, the second-yuan user community is expanding. The secondary economic form represented by animation, comics, games and net text is gradually entering the mainstream society, the second element and the film and television. The combination of traditional industries such as secondary and retail has continued to generate new fan economy, creative economy, experience economy and IP economy.

Z generations are becoming the current consumer.

Subvert IP, invade life

More and more young people have their own unique values ​​and ideas. More and more young people love the secondary culture. Gradually the second element has become one of the mainstream cultures of the new era. More and more “invasion” of the three-dimensional world.

In 2015, the domestic animated film “The Return of the Journey to the West” was released in the summer, and the box office reached 956 million yuan, refreshing the record of domestic animation movie box office. In 2016, the domestic animated film “Dayu Haitang” was released, and once again became the phenomenon of domestic secondary film phenomenon; in December, the second-yuan movie “Your Name” was released, detonating the domestic market. The “broken wall” of the second-element culture is particularly evident in the recent film “The Return of the Journey to the West” and “The Devil’s Angel”.

You don't know the second element

At the same time, the second-dimensional people began to pay attention to the film and television works. As of the end of 2016, the major film and television companies have changed 51 live-action drama projects, “Soul Street”, “Nanyanzhai transcript”, “Long Song”, “Terminal”, “Full-time Master”… The drama has come to the fore. In addition to the “big fish sea otter” was released after many years of release; “Soul Street”, “Luo Xiaohei” and other countries on the line of strong momentum, almost no need to increase publicity, but also received rave reviews.

In addition to comics and movies, the 2016 second-yuan game was first revealed, and the release of the “Destiny Crown Command” and “Yin and Yang” formed a powerful gold-absorbing effect. As of June 30, 2018, the number of registered users of “Blue Sky” reached 19,334,200, and the number of paid users reached 2,168,100. In the first half of 2018,